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Ups and Downs: Sailing on life’s billowing ocean

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Ray Bowler Australian author

  • Ups and Downs
  • Ups and Downs
    A text-free tool with evocative, vivid, thought-provoking images. Talk about feelings. Talk about strengths. Talk about life's joys & struggles.

54 pages
Interest Age: 4+
ISBN: 9781920945336

These versatile cards are a text-free tool that use evocative, vivid, thought-provoking images. Like many of the conversation-building materials published by St Luke’s Innovative Resources these cards explore how gentle humour can be a catalyst for change while still respecting the power of grief and the pain of suffering:

  • Talk about feelings.
  • Talk about strengths.
  • Talk about life's joys and struggles.
  • Ideal for men and boys: great for everyone: from age 4 to 100.

The cards feature ‘Everyperson’ and their bathtub. ‘Everyperson’ as a naked, gender-free character living out the whole gamut of our emotions is both naïve and wise, simple but complex, easy-going and yet troubled, surprised and yet knowing, contented, discontented, happy, angry, calm, anxious, young and old.

As for the bathtub, well the very thought of going to sea in one is absurd. Likewise, facing the immensity of life naked, resource-less and in an inadequate vessel also seems a form of madness. Ironically it is this very absurdity that may resonate so deeply within us. For when we feel as naked and vulnerable as ‘Everyperson’ it is often then that we discover surprising strengths within ourselves: resources we didn’t even know we had.

But the bathtub has other metaphoric power. Are we ever more vulnerable than when we take a bath? Perhaps not. Yet our quiet, lonely bathtub can be an island of reflection and contemplation. We might just make the discoveries and find the solace that inspires a fresh view of our own ups and downs as we lie in its warm embrace.

The insight and creativity in these cards have created a tool that has the potential to transform the way we see this turbulent, ever-changing adventure we call life.

A very useful tool for psychologists, school counsellors, mental health workers, educators, social workers and chaplains.

Table of Contents

54 full-colour laminated cards, 96mm x 135mm

32-page booklet

Polypropylene box