Transforming Stress for Teens: The Heartmath Solution for Staying Cool Under Pressure

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Rollin McCraty, Sarah Moor, Jeff Goelitz, Stephen W Lance

  • Transforming Stress for Teens
  • Transforming Stress for Teens
    A unique & interactive guide with practical skills to help teens beat stress by helping them get a handle on their emotions.

Age Range: 13 to 19
ISBN: 9781626251946

It s stressful being a teen! In Transforming Stress for Teens, leaders from the world-renowned Institute of HeartMath and Clemson University s Youth Learning Institute team up to teach overwhelmed and stressed-out teens how to use HeartMath skills proven-effective tools and techniques to help you manage daily stress and anxiety, and develop resilience by managing emotion.

The teen years are a time of significant change and growth, and teens face numerous stressors like homework overload, conflict with friends and family, balancing school and other responsibilities, and dealing with the all-too-common feeling of being left out or of not belonging. Emotions can drain your battery, and many teens struggle when it comes to managing their everyday stress. Some withdraw or even turn to destructive behaviours in an effort to feel better.

Following the success of Transforming Stress, this book is the first to provide teens with the life-changing, proven-effective HeartMath skills for reducing stress. Using these practical evidence-based concepts and techniques, this book will help you manage stress by showing you how to manage your emotions. And with these emotion regulation skills, like the relaxing heart-breathing technique, you'll feel calmer, be more confident, think more clearly, bounce back from challenging situations, and enjoy life with a new understanding of what s really important to you.

Transforming Stress for Teens will help you recognise the mental, emotional, and physical impact of stress, and guide you toward finding balance, clarity, and self-assurance with the proven HeartMath tools. When you feel better, you do better this book will show you how.

"Less stress, less drama, more true friends! "Transforming Stress for Teens" provides the skills and knowledge teens need to take back their power, and experience both acceptance and understanding. Fit in, be loving, and be loved, yet remain uniquely and genuinely you! A must read."
- Becky A. Bailey, PhD, internationally acclaimed author and speaker, and creator of the Conscious Discipline system of self-regulation for parents, teachers, and students

""Transforming Stress for Teens" sets itself apart from the large number of available books and workbooks for adolescents on managing stress, by moving beyond simple discussions of relaxation and awareness strategies, and additionally explaining and emphasizing the key role that emotional experience and emotional regulation play in truly mastering stress in all aspects of life. I find this book to be unique among self-help books for adolescents in its discussion of fascinating (and important) topics such as coherence, the heart-brain connection, intuition, and communication in very clear language with great real-life examples. The authors do an exemplary job making the chapter topics interesting and relevant for teens in their day-to-day experience, and then provide tools and techniques that are time-efficient and easy to use."
- Timothy Culbert, MD, FAAP, developmental/behavioral pediatrician and medical director of the Integrative Medicine Program at PrairieCare Medical Group in Minneapolis, MN

""Transforming Stress for Teens" is a wonderful resource of practical strategies and tools to help teens reduce their stress and build resilience. I love how each chapter reinforces the concepts and tools presented in previous chapters. The exercises are thoughtful, practical, easy to complete, and will help teens make healthier decisions with a renewed sense of hope and self-reliance. I am confident that thousands of teens will greatly benefit from the practical advice laid out in this book."
- Jacqui Letran, NP, teen confidence expert, speaker, and author of "I Would, but My Damn Mind Won t Let Me!" and "Five Simple Questions to Reclaim Your Happiness"

"Filled with research-proven, practical suggestions for transforming stress in teens, this insightful book can help you create clarity and calm in the face of the daily challenges of life. This is a step-by-step guide with accessible practices as well as interesting proposals about intuition and relationships, offering new ways of strengthening your mind and improving your life. Dive in and feel the power of this approach!"
- Daniel J. Siegel, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Brainstorm and Mind

"Accessible and engaging, this book provides what today s teens need practical tools to help them manage emotions, navigate their world with greater ease, and be more of who they truly are. It is a gem, and I will wholeheartedly recommend it to the teens and parents I work with."
- Judy Grupenhoff, MS, MEd, youth specialist at Providence Behavioral Health Hospital

"It s a fact teen life is stressful! It seems the pressure is always on to make (and keep) friends, make the grades, make the team, and, most importantly, make sure parents are pleased. Research indicates that adolescents who learn to identify and overcome everyday stressors now, are better able to navigate through tough situations, reduce stress, and remain resilient as adults. Transforming Stress for Teens is the perfect guide to help teens learn easy-to-use tools and techniques to beat stress and thrive for the rest of their lives."
- Susan Alford, state director of South Carolina s Department of Social Services

"Young people today experience a high level of stress. This greatly affects their potential for optimal performance. I have found HeartMath(r) techniques to be both practical and simple for their day-to-day lives. I highly recommend this book to every young person in search of a technique for coping with stress."
- Jorge Calzadilla, vice president of the Division of Public Service at Florida Atlantic University, board member of The Conservation Fund's National Forum on Children and Nature, Institute of HeartMath, and the National Youth Advocate Program

"From academics to athletics to music lessons and more, today s adolescents carry a heap of responsibility, often not in line with their own objectives. Here, McCraty (director of research, HeartMath Inst.) with a team of other educators aims to help teens manage stress, anxiety, daily emotions, and more. Based primarily on techniques involving emotional regulation skills, the work assists young people in understanding their emotions, listening to their inner voices, communicating with integrity, and developing healthy relationships. Differentiating between statements such as 'chill out' and actually relaxing, the authors seek to put life into perspective and to show teens how to do right by themselves by taking a step back and listening to their inner selves. VERDICT Recommended for YA collections in high school and public libraries."
- Library Journal