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2nd Edition

Emotions Blob Cards

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Pip Wilson, Ian Long

  • Emotions Blob Cards
  • Emotions Blob Cards
    A tool to discuss a multitude of positive & negative emotions - the entire range of emotions identified within Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

57 pages
ISBN: 9781138333390

Now with brand new illustrations, the second edition of these bestselling cards continues to provide a tool to consider and discuss a multitude of positive and negative emotions. The cards cover the entire range of emotions identified within Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, and a Blob Plutchik wheel is provided to show how the emotions relate to each other.

Blobs are a way to discuss issues in a deep, meaningful way and yet they can be understood by adults and children alike. The groups of Blobs on these cards are acting in many familiar 'human' ways: celebrating, worrying, feeling left out and supporting each other. Looking at Blobs together enables you to explore a wide range of feelings and emotions to do with personal and social interaction. The accompanying activity cards suggest several different ways of using the cards with individuals or groups to initiate discussion and reflection around emotions.

Intended for use in educational settings and/or therapy contexts under the supervision of an adult. This is not a toy.

Table of Contents

48 colour flashcards, with guidance for use