Cars R Us

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Russell Deal, Mat Jones, Ivan Honey Australian author

  • Cars R Us
  • Cars R Us
    A conversation building tool ideal for exploring feelings, responses and articulating goals; perfect for anyone wanting to engage boys or men in important conversations.

ISBN: 9781920945183

VRRHHMMM! Sqeeeealll! Putter, gurgle or DING!!! What kind of car are you today?! If you’ve never used Car'R'Us then strap on your motoring goggles and make the acquaintance of these boisterous, quiet, shy, angry, happy and just plain goofy car characters, who provide rich metaphors for what it is to be human.

Inspired by Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, Cars'R'Us is a unique, interactive tool for exploring both emotions and the significance of choices in our lives. The 52 Fleet Cards are accompanied by 16 Know Your Vehicle Cards, designed to help you think about the choices you make and the interconnections between your feelings, body messages, thoughts and actions. There are also 10 Thinking Bubbles, a Journey Planner and an Owners’ Manual for building conversations about decisions, planning and the actions we take.

Don’t feel daunted by the complexity of this card set. Cars'R'Us can be used in the same ways as other St Luke's feelings cards. The Fleet Cards are ideal for talking about goals and how we feel or respond in particular situations, and the car metaphor is perfect for engaging boys and men in these important conversations.

  • What does being the driver’s seat mean to you?
  • Where do you really want to get to? 
  • Do you find it difficult to shift gears? 
  • How will you know when to speed up or slow down?

These are just some of the countless questions to explore with this colourful cavalcade of car characters! Cars R Us poses questions we can all use to ensure we are in the drivers seat of our own car, with a tank full of fuel, a well tuned engine, an effective map of our journey, and a safe set of tyres.

Table of Contents

Polypropylene box contains:

  • 52 Fleet Cards
  • 16 Know Your Vehicle Cards
  • 1 Journey Planner Card (210mm x 148mm)
  • 10 Thinking Bubbles (105mm x 150mm)
  • 30-page booklet