Building Expressive Language Skills

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Academic Communication Associates

  • Building Expressive Language Skills

Age Range: 5 to 16
ISBN: 9781575030487

This book includes pictures and stimulus materials that can be used to develop proficiency in both the structural and functional (pragmatic) aspects of communication. The activities are designed primarily for use with language-impaired children who have difficulty formulating grammatical sentences, sequencing information, or using vocabulary effectively to achieve specific goals. Skills emphasised include asking questions, describing, giving definitions, telling stories, making comparisons, giving explanations, and using basic language structures such as pronouns, the present progressive, and regular/irregular past tense verbs.

The goals of the book are to enable students to:

  • develop greater precision in the use of vocabulary;
  • sequence information appropriately during oral communication;
  • provide sufficient information to the listener to convey messages effectively;
  • function effectively in roles as listener and speaker during dialogues with others in a variety of communication situations.