Book of Listening and Oral Vocabulary Exercises (Book of LOVE)

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Larry J Mattes, Patty R Schuchardt

Book of Listening and Oral Vocabulary Exercises (Book of LOVE)

Age Range: 11 to 17
ISBN: 9781575031118

Here is a collection of high-interest activities that can be used to develop auditory processing, vocabulary comprehension, and oral communication skills. Each lesson targets words commonly encountered in magazines, newspapers and classroom reading material. Words are introduced within short paragraphs that are presented orally by the teacher or read by the student. The paragraphs provide students with a meaningful context for the learning of new words. The activities give students practice in defining words and using these words within sentence contexts. Questions related to the information presented in the paragraphs build comprehension, memory and inferential thinking skills.

Game activities are included to build auditory processing and verbal reasoning skills. All of the worksheet activities may by reproduced. Skills emphasised:

  • Giving precise definitions of words
  • Comparing word meanings
  • Using context to identify word meaning
  • Sequencing information
  • Using new vocabulary in meaningful sentences
  • Answering questions
  • Making references

If you are looking for practical, high-interest language activities for older students, try the Book of LOVE. Examples of Topics from the Book of LOVE

  • The Loves of Life
  • Climbing a Mountain
  • Baseball
  • Crocodile Adventure
  • The Amazing Pyramids
  • Helen Keller
  • The Olympics
  • Dolphins
  • Volcanoes
  • Let's Rock
  • Chimpanzee Talk
  • Recycling
  • Cat Love