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Reading Stars Phonics Phase 5 Complete Pack: Set of 96 titles

$878.14  Paperback
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  • Reading Stars Phonics Phase 5 Complete Pack

Interest Age: 4 to 6
Reading Age: 4 to 6
ISBN: 9781785918773

Reading Stars Phonics Phase 5 Pack contains a complete set of reading books to support Phase 5 of a phonics programme. In total there are 96 books.

It contains both fiction and non-fiction titles, on a range of topics and text types. These books are closely aligned to Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme. The words are all decodable which means they are made up of phonics that children can put together to decode the word.

The 96 books cover:

  • 60 'build' titles that gradually introduce the new graphemes for reading (Phase 5a), alternative pronunciations of known graphemes (Phase 5b) and alternative spellings for phonemes (Phase 5c), as well as the new CEWs met in this phase.
  • 36 'practice' titles that offer lots of opportunity for children to consolidate their new knowledge. 12 draw on everything met up until the end of Phase 5a, then the remaining titles draw on everything met up until the end of Phase 5c.

Together this pack of books offers a structured way of developing children's progression in reading.

Table of Contents

Book Title - New phoneme - New graphemes for reading - High frequency words

  • Neat and Clean - /zh/ - ay, ou, ie, ea, oy - oh, their
  • Flip Flap Fox - ir, ue, aw, wh - Mr, Mrs
  • Meet the Dolphins - /zh/ - ph, ew, oe, au,ey - people, looked
  • Looking at the Stars - a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e - called, asked

Introduce alternative pronunciations of known graphemes for reading

  • Ships and Boats - a, e, i, o u - many, different, where, through, water, because
  • Fantastic Frogs - ow, ie, ea, er, ou - water, different, eyes, who, where, many, their
  • The Singing Chef - y, ch, c, g, ey - who, laughed, eyes, work, because

Introduce alternative spellings for known phonemes

  • The Magic Clog Dancer - /ch/, /s/
  • Skipper Kipper and the Treasure Chest - /z/
  • Climbing -/m/, /ar/
  • Ten Shed Fred - /ai/, /i/
  • Bears - /air/, /sh/
  • Going by Bus - /oa/, /ear/
  • The Elephants Child - /or/, /(y)oo/
  • Fire - /igh/, /u/, /(y)oo/
  • Foolish Ostrich - /ur/, /n/, /oo/ (as in bush)
  • Bikes Then and Now - /r/, /ee/, /oo/ (as in rule/crew)
  • The Best Nest - /oo/ (as in flew/blue), /oo/ (as in put/could), /j/

These thirteen titles use all the letters, sounds and high frequency words met in the above titles

  • The Princess and the Pea
  • Foxes
  • The Frog in the Well
  • Magical Creatures
  • Space Flight
  • How Will You Get There?
  • Ella's Dragon
  • Fantastic Feet!
  • A Monster Under the Bed
  • Spider Girl
  • Changes Heating and Cooling
  • Jake the Snake
  • Muscat: Our City, Our Home