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The Phonics Playbook: How to Differentiate Instruction So Students Succeed

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Alison Ryan

  • The Phonics Playbook
  • The Phonics Playbook
    A guide for K-3 educators who need to teach phonics at different levels in diverse classrooms - without burning out

224 pages
ISBN: 9781394197453

A guide for K-3 educators who need to teach phonics at different levels in diverse classrooms - without burning out.

The Phonics Playbook is a phonics-focused resource that offers a solution for phonics instruction in real-world K-3 classrooms. Understanding phonics instruction in theory is one thing, but actually integrating it into daily classroom life; in a way that meets the needs of diverse students; is another. This book offers simplified instruction and practical guidance for differentiating instruction using three models: whole group instruction with elements of differentiation, phonics-focused small group instruction, and small group reading instruction that also incorporates phonics. You will learn to assess student needs, choose the model that’s right for you, and make data-based adjustments as time goes on.

In addition to guidance on differentiation, this book also weaves in best practices in phonics instruction and effective strategies for teaching phonics skills, which is especially helpful for newer teachers. The Phonics Playbook guides you from start to finish and helps you develop a positive, effective mindset around differentiation. Confront the problem of “so many needs and so little time” in a productive, sustainable way and avoid burnout with this excellent guide.

  • Review the basics of phonics instruction and learn three different methods for differentiating instruction in K-3 classrooms
  • Help students progress with their reading, even when you have many different reading levels in class
  • Reduce the workload necessary to provide differentiated instruction in phonics and reading
  • Find practical ways of implementing phonics instruction in real-world classrooms with real-world challenges

New and experienced K-3 educators, principals, and literacy coaches, as well as homeschool educators and parents, will appreciate the no-nonsense approach in The Phonics Playbook.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Assessing Students’ Needs So You Can Differentiate

Chapter 2: Effective Phonics Instruction Within Any Model for Differentiation

Chapter 3: Model 1: Whole Class Instruction with Built-In Differentiation

Chapter 4: Model 2: Daily Phonics-Focused Small Groups

Chapter 5: Model 3: Phonics As Part of Reading-Focused Small Groups

Chapter 6: How to Choose the Model That’s Right for You

Chapter 7: Special Considerations for Early Kindergarten

Chapter 8: Considerations for English Language Learners

Chapter 9: How to Differentiate Students’ Independent Phonics Practice Activities

Appendix A