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2nd Edition

First Step Next Coach's Kit

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Hill M Walker, Brianna Stiller, Cristy Coughlin, Annemieke Golly, Marilyn Sprick, Edward G Feil

  • First Step Next Coach's Kit
  • First Step Next Coach's Kit
    Evidence-based early intervention program for young children with challenging behaviours: defiance, peer conflicts & disruptive behaviours.

Interest Age: 3 to 8
ISBN: 9781599090788

FIRST STEP Next is a collaborative home and school intervention for pre-school through second grade. The teacher, family member, and behavioural coach (for example, school counsellor, early childhood educator, or behavioural specialist) teach the at-risk child skills that contribute to school success and the development of friendships.

This evidence-based early intervention program is designed for young children who exhibit challenging behaviours such as defiance, conflicts with peers, and disruptive behaviours.

FIRST STEP Next Process

  1. Multistep Screening collects information about the problem behaviour.
  2. Coach works one-on-one with the focus student to teach these school success skills:
    • Follow Directions
    • Be Safe
    • Ask for Attention the Right Way
    • Be a Team Player
    • Do Your Best
    • Be Cool
    • Mistakes Are Okay
  3. In the classroom, the student earns points and praise for displaying the skills during the Green Card game.
  4. A home component links skills introduced at school to the home environment.

FIRST STEP Next Materials

The FIRST STEP Next Coach's Kit includes everything a coach needs to implement the program:

  • Coach's Manual with CD of reproducible forms and DVD with training videos
  • Super Students! Lessons
  • Set of Co-operation Cards (trading cards with cartoon characters and skill steps)
  • 3 Green and Red Cards with lanyards
  • Super Students! Book
  • Reward Cards (coach writes rewards on these and lets student draw one) and dry-erase marker
  • 3 FIRST STEP Next Student Sets

Each FIRST STEP Next Coach’s Kit contains reusable coach and teacher materials to implement First Step Next as well as three sets of consumable materials needed for a coach, teacher, and family to work with a single focus student.

Each FIRST STEP Next Student Set contains all the consumable materials needed for a coach, teacher, and family to work with a single focus student.

Coach's Folder holds forms for determining eligibility, conducting meetings, communicating with the student's family, monitoring progress, and maintaining skills after FIRST STEP Next implementation ends.

Teacher's Folder contains materials the classroom teacher needs to take over classroom implementation of FIRST STEP Next. The Teacher's Workbook provides implementation guidance and practical tips for supporting student behaviour. The Green and Red Card is used to give feedback to the focus student, and the Skill Review Chart makes it easy for the teacher to review the skills the student is learning.

Home and School Connections Folder provides family members with materials needed to carry out the 5- to 10-minute family component of FIRST STEP Next. The Home and School Connections Workbook includes a daily log to prompt positive interactions with the child and activities to reinforce the skills the child learns in school. Lesson cards and a colouring book help family members and the child review skills together.

Additional Student Sets are available in sets of three. You may also purchase additional Super Students! books, which are used to teach students social skills lessons.

Table of Contents

Bag contains:

  • Coach's Guide with CD and DVD of training videos
  • Super Students! Lessons
  • Super Students! Book
  • set of Cooperation Cards
  • set of Reward Cards
  • 3 Green and Red cards with lanyards
  • 3 FIRST STEP Next Student Sets
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