In the Beginning: The brain, early development and learning

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Michael C Nagel Australian author

In the Beginning
224 pages
ISBN: 9781742860329

In the Beginning: The brain, early development and learning explores, synthesises and distils current knowledge of child development at the cutting edge of neuroscientific research. With exceptional clarity, the author draws on empirical evidence to explain the brain’s remarkable capacity to change. From pre-conception to birth, and throughout the preschool and early school years, the importance of the environment and, most crucially, the presence of nurturing relationships will powerfully impact children’s lives. These critical factors will influence the innate ability of children to regulate their emotional responses, develop language skills, form social connections and fulfil their potential.

At once compelling and authoritative, In the Beginning provides a wealth of information for a diverse readership – including early childhood educators, health professionals, teachers and parents – with a shared interest in how the brain evolves, and how life’s experiences can dramatically shape the child.

"I am most impressed. In his book, ‘In the Beginning: the brain, early development and learning’, Dr. Nagel succeeds in expounding a complex subject in a clear and comprehensible way. Laymen – educators, parents, etc – get insight into the newest conquests within neuroscientific research and their implications for raising a child and for teaching students throughout the educational system. All advice is down-to-earth and easily manageable, and many ‘neuromyths’ are scotched. The book is a must-read for nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, and for pre-service teachers, but also secondary school and higher education teachers should read the book to understand the students they work with. Parents with small children and parents-to-be will benefit from the book as well: They will understand that the nature and nurture they offer their child will outweigh any fad and not least why. With ‘In the Beginning’ we finally have a firm platform for using neuroscience in practice and for supporting and developing modern learning theory."
- Professor Ole Lauridsen, Aarhus University, Denmark