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Play Therapy Basic Training Workbook: A Manual for Living and Learning the Child Centered Play Therapy Philospophy

$49.95  Paperback
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Jodi Ann Mullen

  • Play Therapy Basic Training Workbook

144 pages
ISBN: 9780979628733

The Play Therapy Basic Training Workbook: A manual for learning and living the child-centred play therapy philosophy guides budding and seasoned play and child therapists through a philosophical orientation to child-centred play therapy while simultaneously integrating reflective and experiential exercises that are relevant to clinical practice. Readers are engaged in the learning process from start to finish and as a result will witness personal and professional growth with completion of each section.

Some chapter highlights includes:

  • Childhood as a culture
  • Stages of child-centred play therapy
  • How to set limits in a play therapy session
  • Is the child ready for termination?

"So many great ideas put into action for skill development in child-centered play therapy, and perhaps even more important - for each therapist's personal self-development - to become more effective and efficient in providing CCPT! Intertwines the culture of childhood with Axline's Eight Principles to enhance and clarify the importance of the therapist's ability to show respect and provide deep empathy for the child's development and perspective. We especially like how this workbook: • Provides concise and comprehensive information and easy-to-use exercises specifically written to supplement teaching and supervision of CCPT skills (structuring sessions, tracking, limit setting, responding to questions, reflecting feelings) and offers guidance for common challenges in CCPT sessions. • Shares useful resources and reproducible handouts to use for weekly parent and teacher feedback, treatment planning, and video self-supervision. • Offers insight and encouragement to those beginning to learn the value and healing power of CCPT."
- Nancy & Jeff Cochran, Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at the University of Tennessee

"Dr. Jodi Mullen's workbook on Child Centered Play Therapy is a valuable resource for both beginning and seasoned play therapists. Through easy to understand dialogue, examples, and space for practice, Dr. Mullen reminded me about the honor of working with kids: go easy on yourself if you are a parent and a play therapist, work diligently to avoid praise, create a space where kids are safe to make mistakes by acknowledging your own mistakes, and remember that it's the relationship between me and the child, and not the play, that truly makes a play therapy session. My favorite part of the workbook is the "nuts and bolts" resources: CCPT Implementation Checklists, Session Clinical Notes, Intakes, and my personal favorite (as a school counselor): Parent and Teacher reports. I wish I had this workbook in my own play therapy training years ago!"
- Hennessey Lustica, PhD, LMHC, School Counselor & Counselor Educator

"Dr Jodi Mullen eloquently navigates the approach of Child Centred Play Therapy in such a way that readers new and familiar to the approach both benefit. Dr Mullen's commitment to providing valuable and clear information and examples in the workbook provide for an educational resource no play therapist can do without!"
- Kylie Ellison, Founder & CEO of Centre for Play Therapy Australia