Functional Behavior Assessment of Absenteeism and Truancy (FBAAT)

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William R Jenson, Randy Sprick, Jessica Sprick, Holly Majszak, Linda Phosaly, Cal Evans, Daniel Olympia

  • Functional Behavior Assessment of Absenteeism and Truancy (FBAAT)

376 pages
Age Range: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781599090559

Beginning with our youngest students, chronic absenteeism is an early warning sign of dropping out. Dr. Jenson, Dr. Sprick, and colleagues have teamed up to address this obvious but often overlooked problem. Functional Behavior Assessment of Absenteeism and Truancy (FBAAT) is an assessment and intervention system that will guide you to evidence-based interventions for individual students who are chronically absent or truant.

Why is it important?

  • Behavioural interventions based on an FBA are more effective than interventions that do not take into account the purpose of the challenging behaviour.
  • Interventions that are functionally designed are generally more positive and less aversive than non-function based interventions.
  • Behavioural changes are generally faster and more complete when the intervention is function based.
  • Chronic absenteeism and truancy begin as early as first grade and are strongly correlated with dropping out of school.
  • Lost school time affects learning, assignment completion, grades, promotion, and graduation rates.
  • Truant students are four times as likely to commit a serious assault, five times more likely to report committing a serious property crime, and two times more likely to be arrested than peers who attend school regularly.

Table of Contents

The complete FBAAT System includes:

FBAAT Manual (120 pages)

CD of fillable reproducible forms

Five-pack consumable forms:

  • Core Checklist
  • Additional Data Sources
  • Summary Checklist
  • Global Overview
  • BIP

Copy of Absenteeism and Truancy: Interventions and Universal Procedures