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3rd Edition

CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management

$99.95  Softcover
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Jessica Sprick, Randy Sprick, Jacob Edwards, Cristy Coughlin

    An authoritative guide to classroom management, the CHAMPs book will systematically guide classroom teachers in developing (or improving) a proactive and positive classroom management plan.

608 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 14
ISBN: 9781599091129

Educators discover practical strategies to motivate students to engage in responsible behaviour, build positive relationships, manage their work, understand acceptable uses of electronic devices in the classroom, and engage with instruction.

More than 25,000 copies of this popular resource are sold each year!

For students who struggle in school related to experiences of trauma, poverty, systemic racism, generational difficulties with the school system, or a disability, purely punitive and reactive approaches will not encourage positive behavioural changes. Teachers will learn proactive strategies to structure for success, reduce misbehaviour before it happens, focus on positive behaviour and student strengths, and use an instructional approach to correct behavioural missteps.

CHAMPS teachers guide students toward a successful school career and increase their chances for success in work and in life.

The research-based CHAMPS approach will help teachers create highly successful classroom management plans that will:

  • Include high expectations for all students’ success
  • Build positive relationships with students
  • Create consistent, predictable classroom routines
  • Teach students how to behave successfully
  • Observe and monitor student behaviour and data
  • Provide frequent positive feedback
  • Correct misbehaviour in a calm, consistent, and fluent manner

CHAMPS and Discipline the Secondary Classroom are companion processes to improve student behaviour within the classroom. CHAMPS is designed for K-8 Classrooms and Discipline in the Secondary Classroom is designed for 9-12 classrooms.

What's New in this edition

CHAMPS is organised to more closely follow the STOIC framework as it guides you through assessing your and your students’ needs and developing your Classroom Management Plan. New material covers:

  • How the CHAMPS approach aligns with initiatives such as multi-tiered systems of support for behaviour (MTSS-B), social-emotional learning priorities, and trauma-informed practice
  • Acknowledging and appreciating diversity and improving equity, inclusion, and access by reflecting on existing regularities in discipline planning and identifying better practices that help all students thrive and achieve their full potential
  • Centring positive relationships at the foundation of your management approach by using strategies to consciously build and maintain relational trust with students and families
  • The importance of maintaining and communicating high expectations for all students, and strategies for doing so
  • Procedures for managing partner and cooperative group work and student technology use
  • Implementing behaviour management practices in the virtual learning environment