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4th Edition

Discipline in the Secondary Classroom: Encouraging Responsible Behavior and Enhancing Motivation

$68.14  Softcover
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Randall S Sprick, Jessica Sprick, Cristy Coughlin, Jacob Edwards

  • Discipline in the Secondary Classroom

560 pages
Interest Age: 13 to 18
ISBN: 9781119651819

Improve student behaviour and motivation with this comprehensive resource.

Discipline in the Secondary Classroom: A Positive Approach to Behavior Management, 4th Edition is an insightful treatment of the always-challenging topic of discipline in the high school classroom. The newly revised edition of the book incorporates a renewed focus on classroom management plans, handling the use and misuse of electronic devices in the classroom, and adapting instruction for a virtual classroom setting. Discipline in the Secondary Classroom discusses other issues crucial to the successful management of secondary classrooms and include:

  • How behaviour is learned
  • Managing student work
  • Managing the use of technology and electronic devices in the classroom
  • Active engagement strategies for teacher-directed instruction (both the physical classroom and the virtual classroom)
  • Corrective strategies for misbehaviour and inattention
  • Maintaining a Cycle of Continuous Improvement to be a better teacher each year

Perfect for grade 9 to 12 classroom teachers and educational administrators—including principals, assistant principals, staff development professionals, and consultants— Discipline in the Secondary Classroom constitutes an indispensable resource for anyone aiming to achieve a civil, safe, and fair classroom environment.

"We have been using Discipline in the Secondary Classroom and the CHAMPS approach in our work for over 10 years. Across our county, we have been delighted to see this approach easily used by staff in districts and schools with favorable academic, behavioral and social-emotional outcomes including a decrease in suspensions and expulsions, increased attendance, higher academic achievement, and most importantly, staff and students connectedness."
- Jane Wagmeister, Ed.D., Executive Director, Curriculum and Instruction, Ventura County Office of Education

"This book taught me more about classroom management than any other book I've read--and I've read a lot of them. If you want to create a learner-friendly environment in your classroom, this is the book you need to read."
- Jim Knight, Senior Partner, Instructional Coaching Group