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3rd Edition

Interventions: Support for Individual Students with Behavior Challenges

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Randy Sprick, Cristy Coughlin, Mickey Garrison, Jessica Sprick

  • Interventions
  • Interventions
    Plan & implement evidence-based, tiered strategies to increase motivation & improve behaviour

476 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781599091051

By implementing the universal proactive and positive schoolwide approach detailed in the Safe & Civil Schools Series, teachers can spend less time dealing with disruption and resistance and more time teaching. However, some students will need more individualised support.

This resource gives educators information about how to create a continuum of problem-solving and intervention supports for students who don’t respond to universal efforts—or those students who require the higher levels of support, resources, or expertise characteristic of Tier 2 or Tier 3 supports.

This book is designed for school personnel who have responsibility for ensuring that students’ needs for behavioural, social, and emotional support are met, as well as anyone who will be involved in planning or implementing an individual intervention. This may include:

  • School psychologists
  • School counsellors
  • Behavioural specialists
  • Members of existing problem-solving teams
  • Members of your behaviour leadership team
  • Special education directors/co-ordinators, supervisors of school counsellors

This revised edition provides recommendations for efficient schoolwide co-ordination for delivery of intervention service: the background tasks administrators and school leaders must complete in order to establish a system for individualised intervention.

It also presents an evidence-based model to guide effective and efficient problem-solving for individual students. The framework for building behaviour interventions can be used for any stage of a problem, with implementation guidance, sample forms, charts, and data collection tools.

Step-by-step instructions detail how to plan and implement a set of specialised intervention strategies designed to support:

  • Students with internalising challenges
  • Students who exhibit escalating, dangerous, or highly disruptive behaviour
  • Students who may benefit from behavioural contracting, structured reinforcement, or self-monitoring and self-evaluation systems

Download reproducible forms for collecting data on behaviour, planning and implementing evidence-based intervention plans, monitoring fidelity of implementation, and more.

Note that early-stage interventions for classroom teachers are now available in Early-Stage Interventions.

Support for Individual Students with Behavior Challenges
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