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2nd Edition

Leadership in Behavior Support: Administrator’s Guide

$170.86  Softcover
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Randy Sprick, B J Wise, Kim Marcum, Mike Haykin, Bob McLaughlin, Suzanne Hays

  • Leadership in Behavior Support
  • Leadership in Behavior Support
    Sustain a safe, productive school environment that fosters growth, encourages responsible behaviour & fosters student success

560 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781599090818

Leadership in Behavior Support: Administrator’s Guide (2nd Edition) supports building administrators in the important responsibility of guiding and shaping the attitudes and actions that influence school culture and climate. The goal is to create and sustain a safe and productive school environment that fosters growth, encourages responsible behaviour, and fosters student success.

Leadership in Behavior Support guides administrators through processes for:

  • Forming and working with a behaviour leadership team
  • Establishing a 3-level discipline system for handling misbehaviour
  • Selecting and adopting a school wide classroom management approach
  • Using the five-step Improvement Cycle to address issues with common areas and school wide policies

Data collection and analysis are emphasised through expanded discussion of practical techniques and real-world examples.

To reflect challenges facing today's administrators, new material covers leadership strategies for conducting powerful staff meetings, techniques for engaging reluctant staff members, and special sections on reviewing anti bullying, attendance, and personal electronic policies.

This revised edition continues to focus on key components of the original edition, such as:

  • Working with teams of staff members to effect change through a continuous cycle of improvement
  • Developing Guidelines for Success
  • Understanding behavioural theory and that behaviour can change
  • Making decisions effectively
  • Using high ratios of positive to corrective interactions
  • Adopting school wide approaches to discipline and classroom management

Reproducible, fillable forms are available for download, along with Game Plans for Specific Behaviours, which provides step-by-step interventions for 29 common problems such as aggression, cheating, non-compliance, and harassment.

"We have started to work together with common goals, and it is making all the difference."
- Nicky Orcutt, Junior High Principal, WA