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Early-Stage Interventions: Behavior Strategies for Every Teacher

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Randy Sprick, Jessica Sprick, Marilyn Sprick, Cristy Coughlin

  • Early-Stage Interventions

272 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781599091068

Early-Stage Interventions: Behavior Strategies for Every Teacher offers a set of simple, teacher-friendly interventions to use as a starting place in addressing an individual student’s chronic misbehaviour— disrespect, non-compliance, lack of motivation, bullying, aggression, and more. Though every teacher will encounter students who display challenging behaviour, many feel unprepared to effectively deal with such behaviour in the classroom.

The first section of Early-Stage Interventions: Behavior Strategies for Every Teacher focuses on general classroom management and academic support. Academic difficulties and classroom climate may contribute to behaviour problems and should be investigated before any further interventions take place.

The second section presents a continuum of early-stage interventions that are easy for a classroom teacher to plan and implement. The teacher starts with the simplest one first, and continues on only when the student’s behaviour doesn’t improve. Step-by-step directions guide teacher through each of these interventions:

  • Planned Discussion
  • Correction Planning
  • Increasing Positive Interactions
  • Data Collection and Debriefing
  • Goal Setting
  • Building a Supportive Relationship
  • Function-Based Intervention

When teachers address misbehaviour in the classroom in its early stages, a school’s more intensive Tier 2 and 3 resources can be focused on intervening with more intractable behaviour problems (discussed in detail in Interventions [3rd ed.]).