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Marilyn Sprick

early-stage interventions

Early-Stage Interventions


Simple, teacher-friendly interventions to address an individual student’s chronic mis...

first step next coach's kit

First Step Next Coach's Kit


Evidence-based early intervention program for young children with challenging behaviour...

meaningful work

Meaningful Work


This positive behaviour support helps students with a history of misbehaviour & school ...

smart kids



A curriculum for educators to help young children learn the skills they need to succeed...

the third quest teacher’s materials

The Third Quest Teacher’s Materials


The Third Quest is a comprehensive vs. targeted intervention for adolescent struggling ...

Marilyn Sprick

Marilyn has been a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and Title 1 learning specialist. As a consultant, she has provided inservice for thousands of teachers in literacy, curriculum adaptation, and collaborative instruction. She is the Senior Author of the Read Well K–2 reading series, author of “Intervention B: Academic Assistance” in Interventions: Evidence-Based Behavioral Strategies for Individual Students, and co-author of Meaningful Work and SMART Kids: Social Grace, Manners, and Respectful Talk.

Marilyn’s focus is on the interaction of classroom management, explicit instruction, scaffolding curriculum, and diagnostic prescriptive teaching.