Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

Age Range: 3 to 5
ISBN: 9781599090771

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction: Words for Everyone

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Anita L Archer

Vocabulary is an integral part of languageā€”both receptive (listening and reading) and expressive (speaking and writing). Words help us express emotion and ideas, learn new concepts, and collaborate with others. Words are everything!

Research shows that children's vocabulary in early grades is directly related to reading comprehension in upper grades. Students receiving explicit, engaging vocabulary instruction throughout their school years experience growth in vocabulary. Thus, vocabulary instruction must be central to all content areas at all grade levels and is especially critical for struggling readers.

Watch as Dr. Anita Archer shares strategies that help you:

  • Explicitly teach individual words to students (both general and domain-specific academic vocabulary).
  • Teach students strategies for learning words.
  • Develop a language-enriched classroom.
  • Foster word consciousness among students.

View During Staff Meetings - In these 4 DVDs (5.7 hours of training), Dr. Archer presents the essentials of explicit vocabulary instruction, from preparation to ongoing review. Your staff will be fully prepared to develop an intentional, dynamic, motivating, and explicit vocabulary instruction plan that will help your students achieve both initial mastery and long-term retention.