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The Tough Kid New Teacher Book

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William R Jenson, Ginger Rhode, Daniel Morgan

  • The Tough Kid New Teacher Book
  • The Tough Kid New Teacher Book
    A practical, easy-to-use guide to help all new teachers manage student behaviour in even the most challenging classroom.

Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781599090375

Your first year in a classroom with highly charged students can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it can be daunting as well! So many minds to nourish and each one so radically different! Are you wishing you had just a few more tools in your tool-belt?

The Tough Kid New Teacher Book is an essential resource for anyone new to teaching: a practical, easy-to-use guide to managing even the most challenging classroom. The book focuses on strategies you can learn quickly and implement immediately.

You will learn how to employ proven, research-based strategies to: • Set a positive tone for the entire school year by carefully planning for the first few days of school. • Create a positive learning environment with classroom rules and routines. • Use Precision Requests to increase student compliance. • Establish and enforce positive and negative consequences for student behaviour. • Deal effectively with kids who misbehave again and again. • Put an end to particularly bothersome behaviours such as swearing, talk-outs, disrespectful interactions, and non-compliance. • Reduce your own stress and frustration.

Spend your time teaching, not disciplining. The Tough Kid New Teacher Book will help you make your first year a happy and successful start to a long and productive career.

" This book provides explicit detail and step-by-step guidance in making sure you are prepared for everything that might happen in your classroom."
- Katie Crossman, Teacher, McKnight Middle School, Renton, WA