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The Tough Kid Series

social skills for the tough kid

Social Skills for the Tough Kid


A practical fun approach parents can use to teach eleven essential social skills.

the tough kid book

The Tough Kid Book


Proactive, positive techniques to manage and motivate Tough Kids for any educator who w...

the tough kid bully blocker shorts

The Tough Kid Bully Blocker Shorts


A DVD that uses fast-hands animation to illustrate six skills for preventing and reduci...

the tough kid bully blockers book

The Tough Kid Bully Blockers Book


A positive, proactive, and comprehensive manual that classroom teachers and other schoo...

tough kid electronic home notes

Tough Kid Electronic Home Notes


Uses the Google platform to help teachers and behavioral interventionists design custom...

the tough kid new teacher book

The Tough Kid New Teacher Book


A practical, easy-to-use guide to help all new teachers manage student behaviour in eve...

the tough kid principal's briefcase

The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase


Invaluable for administrators who want to decrease inappropriate student behaviour and ...

the tough kid social skills book

The Tough Kid Social Skills Book


A variety of tools and strategies to aid in implementing social skills programs for Tou...

the tough kid teachers & parents as partners

The Tough Kid Teachers & Parents as Partners


Outlines a collaborative approach to problem solving in which the teacher works with th...

the tough kid tool box

The Tough Kid Tool Box


Companion to The Tough Kid Book - ready-to-use, classroom-tested tools to help motivat...

The Tough Kid Series

Constant and intense aggression, arguing, tantrums, noncompliance, and poor academic progress: these are characteristic of the Tough Kid. Whilst these Tough Kids are the minority, studies have shown that the most difficult 10% of students can cause 70% of school problems.

You can't "cure" Tough Kids, but you can use proactive, positive techniques to manage and motivate them. Effective management will help your Tough Kids succeed in school and make life in your classroom easier for you and for the other students.

The Tough Kid Series provides practical, evidence-based strategies for dealing effectively with problems like aggression, noncompliance, lack of motivation, and poor academic performance as well as the poor social skills which these kids often exhibit. The series includes updated versions of the original Tough Kid resources, proven over many years in schools around the world, plus new resources for Tough Kid issues like bullying, poor concentration, teacher/parent collaboration, etc. The Tough Kid Series addresses issues that arise for new and veteran teachers, parents, and the kids themselves.