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2nd Edition

The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase: A Practical Guide to Schoolwide Bahavior Management & Legal Issues

$99.55  Spiral Bound (inc DVD)
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William R Jenson, Ginger Rhode, Cal Evans, Daniel P Morgan

  • The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase

224 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781599090511

The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase takes the most current research on supporting school wide and individual student behaviour and translates it into a concise, practical guide. This essential tool for K-12 principals, assistant principals, and school administrators features:

  • Practical and proven behaviour strategies field-tested in schools across the country.
  • Complete plans for implementing an effective discipline program in any elementary, middle, or high school.
  • Straightforward advice on the legal aspects of school discipline and behaviour programs.
  • Comprehensive, ready-to-use reproducible formsÑeverything you need to start a Tough Kid plan in your school.
  • Nuts-and-bolts guidance on tasks such as collecting discipline data, crafting a school mission statement,conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment, and more.
  • DVD introduction to the Principal's 200 Club, a school wide positive behaviour support system.

The leadership and structure that a well-informed administrator can provide are critical to the success of a school's discipline model. The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase should be required reading for every administrator who wants to support student behaviour, improve school climate, and increase student achievement.

"For the first time as an administrator, I can say that I have a program that can impact all kids."
- Larry Larson, School Principal