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the weather well

The Weather Well


From sweltering sun to a wild snowstorm, can wardens Grace and Tom save the day in this...

what goes together?

What Goes Together?


Students have 200 opportunities to practice inferring skills & 50 opportunities to labe...

what it was like to be an.. ancient roman

What it was like to be an.. Ancient Roman


Embark on a fascinating foray into the lives of the Ancient Romans in the 2nd book in t...

what on earth do you do when someone dies?

What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?


Help kids understand what death means and how to cope when they’ve lost a special per...

when sophie's sorry wasn't enough

When Sophie's Sorry Wasn't Enough


Everybody makes mistakes, this story of how you respond afterward shows what matters & ...

where do i start?

Where Do I Start?


Support parents emotional journey as well as strategies for supporting their child.

where's rex?

Where's Rex?


A colourful storybook uses dinosaurs to teach young children about friendship and teamwork




A picture book geared to help parents and counselors communicate with young children ab...

wiggly time

Wiggly Time


Toddlers love to wiggle. Make wiggly time fun for everyone!

work smarter, not harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder


Now with the latest research insights on achieving academic success effortlessly.

working with autistic children and young people

Working with Autistic Children and Young People


Focuses on appreciating the different language & communication style of autistic youngs...

working with child and adolescent mental health

Working with Child and Adolescent Mental Health


This practical book argues that communication should be a primary consideration when th...

working with childhood apraxia of speech

Working with Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Practicalities of assessment, diagnosis, & therapeutic intervention for children of all...

working with high-risk youth

Working with High-Risk Youth


Provides an overview of the Get Connected practice framework & philosophy which has bee...

the writing revolution 2.0

The Writing Revolution 2.0


Judith Hochman provides a clear method of instruction for all subjects & grades that ca...