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Wiggly Time

$18.14  Board book
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Elizabeth Verdick, Marieka Heinlen

  • Wiggly Time
  • Wiggly Time
    Toddlers love to wiggle. Make wiggly time fun for everyone!

26 pages
Interest Age: 1 to 4
ISBN: 9798885540063

Feeling giggly-squiggly? It's wiggly time!" Wiggly Time uses energetic body and word play to channel young children's energy and encourage them to get moving - and then help them transition to quiet time. Toddlers learn best through movement, and little ones need lots of physical activity every day. "Ahhhhh, that was fun . . . and wiggly time's all done."

Wiggly Time taps into toddlers' inherent love of play and silliness, and the ideas can be used for a fun break, at transition times, or anytime. If a child has to wait five more minutes, call out some of the book's moves: "Dance like a robot, beep, bop, boop. Walk like a dinosaur, stomp, clomp, BOOM. " Try "Sun's out, let's melt" to encourage floor time and relaxation.

Wiggly Time also includes helpful tips for parents, teachers, and caregivers about making movement fun and part of their everyday routine.