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Ease the transition time from evening activities to bedtime with this warm and cozy get-ready-for-bed book.

best behavior paperback set
Best Behavior Paperback Set
$135.00 Our Price - $114.95

Save by buying the set of 6 paperback books in the award-winning Best Behaviour series.

best behavior™ poster set
Best Behavior™ Poster Set
$24.95 Our Price - $22.95

Adapted from the Best Behavior series, this set of four high-gloss posters provides quick and easy ways to reinforce character building, positive student behaviour, and social-emotional learning.

bye-bye time
Bye-Bye Time
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

This gentle book helps ease the transition and avoid separation anxiety with simple rituals.

calm-down time
Calm-Down Time
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

Through rhythmic text and warm illustrations, this gentle, reassuring book offers toddlers simple tools to release strong feelings, express them, and calm themselves down.

clean-up time
Clean-Up Time
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

Toddlers will look forward to clean-up time with this simple rhyming book that encourages them to chant along as they tidy up.

cliques, phonies & other baloney, 2ed
Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney, 2ed
$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

Humour, fun cartoons & kid-friendly language explain what cliques are, why being phony is baloney, why true friends don't exclude others.


With soothing photographs and gentle, rhythmic language, this book depicts the many loving connections that come from touch.

diapers are not forever
Diapers Are Not Forever
$16.95 Our Price - $14.95

Learning to use the potty takes patience and practice, and this charming, straightforward book helps pave the way.

don't behave like you live in a cave
Don't Behave Like You Live in a Cave
$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

Help kids make smarter choices at home and at school with this kid-friendly book that takes a positive approach to behaviour issues.

dude, that's rude! (get some manners)
Dude, That's Rude! (Get Some Manners)
$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

It seems like light reading, but it’s serious stuff: Manners are major social skills, and this book gives kids a great start.


Join these babies as they explore and enjoy the many foods that help them grow healthy and strong.

feet are not for kicking (boardbook)
Feet are not for Kicking (Boardbook)
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

In simple words and charming full-colour illustrations, this book helps little ones learn to use their feet for fun, not in anger or frustration.

germs are not for sharing
Germs Are Not For Sharing
$22.95 Our Price - $19.95

A short course for kids on what germs are, what they do, and why it's so important to cover them up, stop them spreading & wash them away

germs are not for sharing (boardbook)
Germs Are Not For Sharing (Boardbook)
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

Child-friendly words and full-colour illustrations help little ones stay clean and healthy. Includes tips and ideas for parents and caregivers.

happy healthy baby series
Happy Healthy Baby Series

As the Happy Healthy Baby books are shared with them, babies absorb concepts of love, safety, and confidence.

helping out and staying safe
Helping out and Staying Safe

Helps kids learn the four Empowerment Assets: Community Values Children, Children as Resources, Service to Others, and Safety

how to take the grrrrr out of anger
How to Take the GRRRRR Out of Anger
$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

Filled with solid information, sound advice and humour, this book helps kids understand anger.

listening time
Listening Time
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

Put away the wiggles. Put away the giggles. Listening works better when your body's calm and still.

loving to learn
Loving to Learn

Build the Commitment to Learning Assets: Achievement Motivation, Learning Engagement, Homework, Bonding to Adults at School, & Reading for Pleasure.

manners time
Manners Time
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

Teaching manners to toddlers is easier than you may think.

$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

This cheerful board book sets the stage to guide little ones toward healthy eating and positive mealtime routines.


Amazing babies are on the move in this lively board book that celebrates all the joyful ways babies propel themselves and interact with the world.

$18.50 Our Price - $14.95

This calming, encouraging book helps young children quiet down so they can get the rest they need.

noses are not for picking
Noses Are Not For Picking
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

This board book for toddlers and pre-schoolers is the answer to the age-old question 'How can I get my child not to pick, especially not in public?'

on-the-go time
On-the-Go Time
$16.95 Our Price - $13.95

With On-the-Go Time, shopping and running errands with children really can mean fewer hassles and more fun for everyone!

pacifiers are not forever
Pacifiers Are Not Forever
$16.95 Our Price - $14.95

This board book offers warm, comforting words and pictures to ease the transition and make it a positive experience for kids and grown-ups alike.

people who care about you
People who care about You

Introduces and describes the six support assets: Family Support, Positive Family Communication, Other Adult Relationships, Caring Neighborhood, Caring School Climate, and Parent Involvement in Schooling.


Celebrate baby's busy day with this fun and playful book.


Celebrate the many ways that babies reach out to discover and learn about the world around them.


Calming and restful, this book highlights the quiet moments of baby's day.

see you later, procrastinator! (get it done)
See You Later, Procrastinator! (Get it Done)
$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

Kids are notorious for putting things off: especially homework and chores! This book helps kids kick the procrastination habit and feel more in charge of their lives.

sharing time
Sharing Time
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

This book offers toddlers simple choices to make sharing easier, and shows them where to turn for help when sharing is difficult.

$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

Turn sibling rivalry into positive sibling relationships with this fun, humorous guide.

stand up to bullying!
Stand Up to Bullying!
$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

When it comes to changing bullying behaviour, nobody has more power than upstanders: all the people who see bullying or know it’s happening.

stress can really get on your nerves! 2nd ed
Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves! 2nd Ed
$18.95 Our Price - $16.95

With jokes, fun illustrations & plenty of examples - help kids understand what stress is with tons of tips to cope.

the survival guide for kids with autism spectrum disorders
The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders
$35.50 Our Price - $34.95

A positive & comprehensive resource for ASD kids to understand their condition & find tools to cope with their daily challenges.

tails are not for pulling
Tails are Not for Pulling
$22.95 Our Price - $19.95

Pets may not have words, but they can communicate. Paying attention to an animal’s cues can help a child respond appropriately.

tails are not for pulling board book
Tails are not for Pulling Board Book
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

This book teaches the basics of kindness to animals: careful handling, awareness, safety, and respect. Baby to kindy.

teeth are not for biting
Teeth are not for Biting
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

Teaches young children positive alternatives to biting. Ideal for reading aloud, virtually indestructible, this book also includes helpful tips for parents and caregivers.

toddler tools series
Toddler Tools Series
$172.95 Our Price - $129.95

These positive books can help ease the many trying “times” that are a part of every toddler’s day.

true or false tests stink
True or False Tests Stink

Other study guides can be dry, boring, and much toooo lonnnng. True or False? Tests Stink! is fun, entertaining, and small but mighty. It can inspire even reluctant and anxious students to do and be their best on test days.

voices are not for yelling
Voices Are Not for Yelling
$22.95 Our Price - $19.95

This friendly, encouraging book introduces and reinforces where and when to use an “indoor voice” or an “outdoor voice.”

voices are not for yelling board book
Voices Are Not for Yelling Board Book
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

This friendly, encouraging book introduces and reinforces where and when to use an "indoor voice" or "outdoor voice."

waiting is not forever
Waiting Is Not Forever
$20.95 Our Price - $19.95

Learning to be patient and developing self-control will equip children with tools for success in school and in social settings.

waiting is not forever board book
Waiting Is Not Forever Board Book
$18.50 Our Price - $14.95

With warmth & empathy, help little ones understand that 'Everybody worries, but worries are not forever'.

words are not for hurting
Words are Not for Hurting
$22.95 Our Price - $19.95

Children learn that their words belong to them: they can think before they speak, then choose what to say and how to say it.

words are not for hurting board book
Words are Not for Hurting Board Book
$18.95 Our Price - $14.95

Helps little ones learn big ideas: that they are responsible for what they do and say; that their actions and words affect others; and that they can make positive choices.

worries are not forever
Worries Are Not Forever
$22.95 Our Price - $19.95

Friendly and reassuring, this book geared to preschool & primary children explains what worries are and how it feels to be worried.

worries are not forever (board book)
Worries Are Not Forever (Board Book)

With warmth & empathy, help little ones understand that 'Everybody worries, but worries are not forever'.