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Voices Are Not for Yelling Board Book

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Elizabeth Verdick, Marieka Heinlen

  • Voices Are Not for Yelling Board Book

24 pages
Interest Age: 1 to 4
ISBN: 9781575425009

The toddler years are full of growth and smiles and sweetness—but also tantrums. With toddlers, yelling, screaming, wailing, and flailing are a normal part of life. Very young children don’t yet have the words to express strong feelings, and they’re still learning social skills.

This board book helps little ones understand why it’s better to use an indoor voice—“so people hear the words and not the yelling”—and how to calm down and ask for help so they can get what they need.

Also includes tips for parents and caregivers.

img_5209Voices Are Not for Yelling
img_5210Voices Are Not for Yelling Board Book
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