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Where Do I Start?: How to Navigate the Emotional Journey of Autism Parenting

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Kate Laine-Toner

  • Where Do I Start?
  • Where Do I Start?
    Support parents emotional journey as well as strategies for supporting their child.

224 pages
ISBN: 9781839975523

Where Do I Start? Offers support and guidance for parents and carers of autistic children, with a focus on how address your own anxieties, understand and accept a diagnosis, and set yourself up for a successful family life.

Recognising that your child is autistic is a pivotal moment for parents and carers. While it can lead to positives in terms of understanding behaviour and accessing support, the diagnostic process itself can be a huge source of anxiety, stress, guilt and worry. But its going to be ok - because right here you have the ultimate guidebook to navigating the emotions and challenges that these early stages present.

From weathering the initial impact of a potential diagnosis, to self-care strategies and finding new parameters for success, reading this book is like being taken by the hand and shown how to look after your own mental health while supporting your child.Each chapter is full of guidance from someone whos been where you are now, and tells you what you really need to know so you can journey from panic and uncertainty to confidence, acceptance and strength.

This book focuses on supporting parents emotional journey as well as strategies for supporting their child, which is a fresh approach. The author is autistic and has ADHD, and is parent to an autistic child, so has a deep understanding of the specific challenges neurodiversity can pose.

"This book is the friend you needed, helping us explore these sometimes tricky bits while holding our hand throughout. Reframing how we see and approach situations it is a reminder we are not alone in this."
- Eliza Fricker, Author and Illustrator

"I loved how much is covered in this beautifully written and carefully researched book for parents of autistic children, packed full of warmth, wisdom, and real hope. It's a must-read for families everywhere."
- Yvonne Newbold, MBE Founder, Newbold Hope