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Where's Rex?: A story about friendship and teamwork

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Michael Garland

  • Where's Rex?
  • Where's Rex?
    A colourful storybook uses dinosaurs to teach young children about friendship and teamwork

31 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 11
ISBN: 9798889070085

Rex loves to explore, go on adventures, and discover surprises. Unfortunately for him, his latest escapade has become one sticky and scary predicament.

Rex is literally stuck in the muck. He’s trapped with no way to free himself. Thankfully, he does have a caring group of dino-buddies who look out for one another. When Rex doesn’t return home, Dac (a persistent Pterodactyl) and Steg (a headstrong Stegosaurus) set out to find him.

The two ask everyone they meet if they’ve seen Rex. Ig says he saw Rex at the bridge. But he’s not there anymore. Anky claims to have seen him by the waterfall. But nope! He’s not anywhere around there. Rex isn’t at the cave or the canyon either. Where could he be?

With simple sentences and richly coloured illustrations, young and beginning readers are taken on a quest that involves much more than a rescue. It is a tale filled with life lessons about teamwork, problem solving, friendship, and gratitude.