Get Off My Lawn!

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Michael Garland

  • Get Off My Lawn!
  • Get Off My Lawn!
    New York Times best-selling author & illustrator Michael Garland teaches children how to look at situations from the point of view of others

31 pages
Age Range: 3 to 9
ISBN: 9781944882754

Mr. Smith is the green thumb of the neighbourhood, and his colourful garden and perfectly manicured lawn are his pride and joy. So, when he eyes the neighbourhood kids traipsing through his yard and trampling his flowers, he roars, "GET OFF MY LAWN!"

The thunderous scolding sends all the kids sprinting home and blaming "mean" Mr. Smith for ruining their fun. But one mom knows exactly where the blame really belongs and helps the children understand why they need to make amends for their damaging and disrespectful behaviour.

Tips for parents and educators are included to help children better understand how their behaviours can affect those around them.

New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Michael Garland uses evocative illustrations and crisp writing to introduce young children ages 3 through 9 the skills of "Asking Permission" and "Making an Apology."

"This book is full of absolutely beautiful illustrations! From the realistic and vibrantly colored flowers to the clothes the ethnically diverse children are wearing, the pages are a color palette playground for your eyes! Easy flow text weaves its way through the story gently teaching children a much needed life lesson on "asking permission" and "making an apology." Never preachy and easy to understand, you'll want to share this title over and over with any young ones you may have in your life!"
- Shondra Brown, Assistant Director at Wakarusa Public Library

"I first must start out by saying how stunningly beautiful the illustrations in this book are. They display vibrant colours, lots of activity plus emotions that visually enrich the text. I love that Garland includes diversity in the group of children that he creates and makes you feel that you are part of the story as well. The book teaches children some very important life lessons, first about "asking permission" and secondly, about "making an apology." "Get Off My Lawn" highlights: respect for property, empathy, restitution and redemption... all valuable qualities that you want your children to learn early on in life and be aware of. The author includes a helpful guide at the end of the book entitled: 'Tips for Parents & Educators.'""
- Marilyn Panton