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Webber Following Directions Photo Cards

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  • Webber Following Directions Photo Cards

60 pages
Interest Age: 4+
ISBN: 9781607233398

“Sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself.” “Give yourself a hug.” Webber Photo Cards – Following Directions includes 60 single-step directions coupled with beautiful photographs to help improve students’ memory, motor skills, and auditory processing. The deck includes directions ranging from one to six words. Directions can be given individually or used with the additional “Connector Cards” (and, or, before, after) to create one- to four-step directions.

Webber® Photo Cards – Following Directions:

  • 60 full-colour photo cards, 3” x 5”
  • 4 Connector Cards (and, or, before, after)
  • Content cards and game ideas
  • Sturdy storage tin