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Tina Rae

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the anger alphabet

The Anger Alphabet


This practical book helps children understand anger & identify links with other emotion...

the asd girl's wellbeing toolkit

The ASD Girl's Wellbeing Toolkit


30 session program, aims to ensure girls with ASD develop good mental health including ...

the bereavement book

The Bereavement Book


Sensitively guides teachers & others working with children to support children & young ...

bereavement, grief & loss activity cards

Bereavement, Grief & Loss Activity Cards


Practical and creative activities to help young people to understand, reflect upon and ...

bouncing back & coping with change

Bouncing Back & Coping with Change


Practical evidence-based strategies to teach young people to bounce back and keep going...

building happiness, resilience and motivation in adolescents

Building Happiness, Resilience and Motivation in Adolescents


A fully-formed positive psychology programme designed to promote happiness, resilience ...

building positive thinking habits

Building Positive Thinking Habits


Help young people develop effective thinking skills to improve mental health and wellbe...

bumper blob education collection

Bumper Blob Education Collection


This exciting collection, packed with new material, features numerous topical & thought...

cognitive behavioural approach for secondary staff and students

Cognitive Behavioural Approach for Secondary Staff and St...


Use a CBT approach to positively alter behaviours & maintain emotional wellbeing.

controlling anger

Controlling Anger


A solution-focused approach to anger management for young people which helps adolescent...

developing social and emotional skills in the early years

Developing Social and Emotional Skills in the Early Years


A comprehensive programme to support the development of young children’s social & emo...

the essential guide to cognitive behaviour therapy

The Essential Guide to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Learn how to use this effective problem-solving technique to help young people.

the essential guide to positive psychology with young people

The Essential Guide to Positive Psychology with Young People


Help young people to recognise their strengths and use these to build confidence for th...

the essential guide to using mindfulness with children & young people

The Essential Guide to Using Mindfulness with Children & ...


Practical, user-friendly introduction to key mindfulness tools & strategies to manage s...

the essential guide to using solution focused brief therapy with young people

The Essential Guide to Using Solution Focused Brief Thera...


Outlines key techniques & strategies for SFBT that have been shown to be effective acro...

essential resilience & wellbeing toolkit for early years & younger children

Essential Resilience & Wellbeing Toolkit for Early Years ...


Lots of easy-to-use activities drawn from evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness...

identifying & supporting children & young people with sensory processing difficulties

Identifying & Supporting Children & Young People with Sen...


Evidence-based resources to help support & meet sensory processing needs.

keeping out of trouble

Keeping Out of Trouble


This programme will enable secondary schools to provide interventions targeted at stude...

mindfulness activity cards for children & teens

Mindfulness Activity Cards For Children & Teens


Lots of easy-to-use activities drawn from evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness...

motivation matters

Motivation Matters


A user-friendly introduction to techniques for understanding & building motivation in y...

motivational interview approach for secondary staff and students

Motivational Interview Approach for Secondary Staff and S...


Use MI to help students change thought processes for positive behavioural impacts.

my toolbox of wellbeing journal

My Toolbox of Wellbeing Journal


An illustrated Journal packed full of activities to help children and young people thin...

positive body image activity cards

Positive Body Image Activity Cards


Promote and develop body image through easy-to-use activities.

positive thinking skills

Positive Thinking Skills


Develop positive thinking habits and build emotional resilience through user-friendly a...

problem postcards

Problem Postcards


A 14-session programme to assist young people who are disaffected and difficult, and co...

promoting positive body image in teenagers

Promoting Positive Body Image in Teenagers


A practical and user-friendly resource designed to equip teenagers with the skills they...

a recovery toolbox for adolescents & teenagers

A Recovery Toolbox for Adolescents & Teenagers


Essential collection of wellbeing activities to support young people after their COVID1...

a recovery toolbox of wellbeing for primary-aged children

A Recovery Toolbox of Wellbeing for Primary-Aged Children


An essential collection of easy-to-use, fun activities to support primary-aged children...

a recovery toolbox of wellbeing in the early years

A Recovery Toolbox of Wellbeing in the Early Years


Easy-to-use, fun activities to support younger children with their wellbeing, following...

solution focused approach for secondary staff and students

Solution Focused Approach for Secondary Staff and Students


Use this proven approach to maintain emotional wellbeing & ensure positive change

supporting adolescents & teenagers with stress & anxiety

Supporting Adolescents & Teenagers with Stress & Anxiety


Tools to build resilience & coping strategies, alongside measures to build positive men...

supporting successful transition from primary to secondary school

Supporting Successful Transition from Primary to Secondar...


A unique & engaging programme, particularly useful to support children with special nee...

supporting the well being of girls

Supporting the Well Being of Girls


Tried & tested programme with 16 tailored, expert sessions to engage girls & young wome...

tackling exclusion

Tackling Exclusion


Identify students at risk of school exclusion and provide individual & group support pr...

a toolbox of wellbeing

A Toolbox of Wellbeing


Must-have book - easy to use activities to build emotional wellbeing in children & youn...

tough issues, tough choices

Tough Issues, Tough Choices


24 hard-hitting workshop sessions for staff & student development addressing some of th...

understanding & preventing self-harm in schools

Understanding & Preventing Self-Harm in Schools


Strategies to support staff in identifying, preventing & supporting those at risk from ...

understanding & supporting children & young people with emotionally based school avoidance (ebsa)

Understanding & Supporting Children & Young People with E...


Practical toolkit of resources & strategies to support return to school, with a focus o...

understanding & supporting emotionally based school avoidance (ebsa) discussion cards

Understanding & Supporting Emotionally Based School Avoid...


60 user-friendly cards with practical ideas and strategies to promote and develop child...

understanding & supporting emotionally based school avoidance combo

Understanding & Supporting Emotionally Based School Avoid...


User-friendly workbook and discussion cards to support Emotionally Based School Avoidance

understanding and supporting refugee children and young people

Understanding And Supporting Refugee Children And Young P...


Evidence based guide to effectively integrating refugee children into their new schools.

using positive psychology to enhance student achievement

Using Positive Psychology to Enhance Student Achievement


Easy-to-deliver sessions with comprehensive facilitator instructions and activity resou...

the wellbeing toolkit for mental health leads

The Wellbeing Toolkit for Mental Health Leads


Maintain & enhance the well-being of children and young people while also developing st...

Tina Rae

Dr Tina Rae is a Consultant Educational Psychologist and a widely published author with more than 40 years of experience working with young people and their parents/carers in both clinical and education settings.

She is currently working as both a Consultant Educational & Child Psychologist in both SEMH (Social Emotional Mental Health Needs) and mainstream settings and for Compass Fostering supporting foster carers, social workers and looked-after children.

She has also worked as an academic and professional tutor for the Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology, University of East London, UK.

Tina is an award winning author who has written more than 100 publications on topics such as emotional literacy, behaviour management, and promoting well-being and motivation in young people.