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Tackling Exclusion: Supporting Disaffected Students

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Priya Kanabar, Tina Rae

  • Tackling Exclusion
  • Tackling Exclusion
    Identify students at risk of school exclusion and provide individual & group support programmes for these students.

200 pages
ISBN: 9781906517366

Tackle difficult behaviours in a positive and pro-active manner.

There are clear links between school exclusion, future unemployment and criminal behaviour. Being excluded has also been shown to be a key 'trigger' leading to homelessness. By contrast, young people who are not excluded from school are more likely to leave with more and better qualifications, achieve their potential, find employment and, as a result, are less likely to take part in antisocial or criminal behaviour.

Tackling Exclusion is aimed at staff in mainstream schools, Learning Support Units and Pupil Referral Units. It provides a clear guide on how to identify the students at risk of exclusion from school and, once identified, provides individual and group support programmes for these students. The group work sessions and individual activities promote students' individual responsibility for behaviour, explore future aspirations, examine core beliefs and thought processes, and build 'school survival' skills through focusing on self-esteem, attitude towards school and teachers, social skills, and how to manage feelings and behaviour. Each session has an accompanying 'take home task' and optional individual follow-up work for the facilitator to carry out with the student.