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Understanding And Supporting Refugee Children And Young People: A Practical Resource For Teachers, Parents And Carers Of Those Exposed To The Trauma Of War

$44.54  Softcover
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Tina Rae

  • Understanding And Supporting Refugee Children And Young People

160 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781032405506

This book is the go-to resource for those parents and professionals seeking to support children through the trauma of war and conflict. Not only does it provide the evidence base for effectively integrating refugee children into their new schools, but it also introduces the reader to a range of key tools and strategies to both understand and manage anxiety and trauma -related behaviours. Practical and user-friendly, it demystifies the process of talking about difficult topics, providing helpful advice on how to do this in a trauma informed way, making use of effective tools from therapeutic approaches to help our children and ourselves remain regulated and able to engage in post-traumatic growth.

Key features:

  • practical, user-friendly, and accessible
  • packed full of useful evidence-based ideas, tools, and strategies
  • easily disseminated to children and adults alike
  • supportive, reassuring, and inspiring confidence
  • helping you to get it right without recreating the wheel

Table of Contents


  1. Talking to children and young people about war and conflict
  2. Understanding Trauma in children and young people
  3. Supporting Refugee children and young people
  4. Self-care for those supporting traumatized children and young people
  5. The role of refugee parents/carers
  6. Handouts and resources for children and young people
  7. Handouts and resources for carers and professionals