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Mindfulness Activity Cards For Children & Teens

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Tina Rae

  • Mindfulness Activity Cards For Children & Teens

48 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781912112777

These cards present a range of user-friendly practical ideas and strategies to promote and develop young people’s mindfulness skills. They are designed to be used flexibly in one-to-one, small group or whole class contexts, depending upon the vulnerabilities and specific needs of each person or group.

These cards provide the school-based practitioner with a series of practical and user-friendly activities to use with young people. The activities are divided into four sections, each of which comprises ten cards aimed at developing key skills. The four sections consist of:

  • Mindful seeing & breathing
  • Mindful listening & smelling
  • Mindful doing
  • Mindful creating