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2nd Edition

Sound Out X Sports Set: Set of 6 books

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Matt Sims

  • Sound Out X Sports Set
  • Sound Out X Sports Set
    6 engaging books to practice phonics & basic word-building skills, for reluctant readers with full-colour images throughout.

32 pages
Grade Readability: 0 to 1
Interest Age: 7 to 14

Sound Out X Sports Set of 6 books, non-fiction, decodable books for reluctant readers.

Each X Sports title is now enlarged to a 7"x 9" format with full-color images throughout! This informational text series uses short (but complete) sentences to convey the history and facts of each X Sports title.

With all Sound Out Chapter Books, students have a chance to read engaging text while the controlled vocabulary helps them practice phonics and basic word-building skills. This series - Sound Out Levels 5 and 6 (C Level) focuses on the following skills: contractions, one-syllable spelling patterns, tense endings, compound words, word endings, prefixes and suffixes, and simple two-syllable words.

The 6 titles in this series are:

Sound Out X Sports - Wind Surf

  • Want to fly across the water? All you need is a board, a rig, and some wind.

Sound Out X Sports - BMX Bikes

  • Have you ever wanted to do tricks on a cool bike? You will learn where the sport came from, and how to ride a BMX bike.

Sound Out X Sports - In-Line Skates

  • In-line skates can be a great way to get around. You will learn about the first in-line skates, and how to do skating jumps and tricks.

Sound Out X Sports - Rock Climb

  • The sport of rock climbing has come a long way. Anyone can learn to rock climb. It is great fun to make your way up a rocky cliff.

Sound Out X Sports - Sky Dive

  • Want to fly like a bird? Sky diving gets you up high in the air. You will learn how sky diving began and how to stay safe when you sky dive.

Sound Out X Sports - Raft

  • Would you like to race down a river? How about riding a raft? You will learn how rafting became a sport, and how to raft safely.

Each title is also available separately.

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