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2nd Edition

Sound Out City Secrets Set: 6 book set

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Matt Sims

  • Sound Out City Secrets Set
  • Sound Out City Secrets Set
    Engaging text for struggling readers to practice phonics & basic word-building skills - learning about 6 fascinating cities

32 pages
Grade Readability: 0 to 1
Interest Age: 7 to 14

Sound Out City Secrets Set: six paperback non-fiction, decodable books for reluctant readers.

Each City Secrets title is now enlarged to a 7"x 9" format with full-color images throughout This informational text series uses short (but complete) sentences to convey the history and facts of each featured location. For the first time each title is available separately.

With all Sound Out Chapter Books, students have a chance to read engaging text while the controlled vocabulary helps them practice phonics and basic word-building skills. This series - Sound Out Levels 5 and 6 (C Level) focuses on the following skills: one-syllable spelling patterns, word endings, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, and simple two-syllable words.

The 6 titles in this series are:

Sound Out City Secrets - City on Ice

  • Near the South Pole, on a rock surrounded by ice there is a small city called McMurdo Base. How did it get there? What is it like there? And why do people live in all that cold?

Sound Out City Secrets - Hidden City

  • Hidden under the modern city of Seattle lies another older and forgotten one. Why did the people build over their old streets?

Sound Out City Secrets - Floating Town

  • Every year, when the floods come to Cambodia, the Great River runs backward. The town on the Great River floats, and spreads out over a vast lake. How do the people live without land?

Sound Out City Secrets - Under the Mountain

  • Deep inside a mountain, people in NORAD worked to defend against attack from the skies. Why were they hiding under a mountain?

Sound Out City Secrets - Sinking City

  • Venice is sinking! More and more water floods the plazas, but people are working to save this historic Italian City. What can they do, with rising water all around?

Sound Out City Secrets -Dark Tunnels

  • Many years ago, young men disappeared under the streets of Portland. They were hidden in tunnels and forced to work on ships.

Also available individually.

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img_7002Sound Out City Secrets Set
6 book set
img_6992Sound Out City Secrets - City on Ice
img_6993Sound Out City Secrets - Hidden City
img_6995Sound Out City Secrets - Floating Town
img_6997Sound Out City Secrets - Under the Mountain
img_6999Sound Out City Secrets - Sinking City
img_6990Sound Out City Secrets - Dark Tunnels