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Behaviour Management

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tackling exclusion

Tackling Exclusion


Identify students at risk of school exclusion and provide individual & group support pr...

tails are not for pulling

Tails are Not for Pulling


Pets may not have words, but they can communicate. Paying attention to an animal’s cu...

tails are not for pulling board book

Tails are not for Pulling Board Book


This book teaches the basics of kindness to animals: careful handling, awareness, safet...

tales of horror

Tales of Horror


Salem witches, werewolves, ghostly soldiers, and other members of the "undead" populate...

teach skills and break habits

Teach Skills and Break Habits


How to find a new path & process that will lead to better behaviour in the classroom, a...

teacher planner for the secondary classroom

Teacher Planner for the Secondary Classroom


This daily planner based on Randall Sprick's best-selling Discipline in the Secondary C...

the teacher's encyclopedia of behavior management

The Teacher's Encyclopedia of Behavior Management


A comprehensive resource to help teachers & school counsellors improve student behaviou...

teacher's guide to behavioral interventions

Teacher's Guide To Behavioral Interventions


The manual includes proven intervention strategies for the most common behaviour proble...

the teacher's guide to oppositional defiant disorder

The Teacher's Guide to Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Strategies for cooperating with your 'difficult' students - motivational tools for stud...

teacher's pocket guide for effective classroom management

Teacher's Pocket Guide for Effective Classroom Management


This new edition is the how-to book educators need to increase desired behaviour in tod...

teacher’s encyclopedia tools

Teacher’s Encyclopedia Tools


This set of 50 blackline masters makes the 500 plans in The Teacher's Encyclopedia of B...

teaching adolescents to think and act responsibly

Teaching Adolescents to Think and Act Responsibly


Holding students accountable for their actions and inspiring them with greater expectat...

teaching and working with children who have emotional and behavioral challenges

Teaching and Working With Children Who Have Emotional and...


This comprehensive resource is designed to help you educate students with emotional and...

teaching tough kids

Teaching Tough Kids


Australian teacher Mark Le Messurier delivers a refreshing collection of realistic idea...

tears are not forever

Tears Are Not Forever


This friendly, encouraging book introduces and reinforces where and when to use an “i...

teeth are not for biting

Teeth are not for Biting


Teaches young children positive alternatives to biting. Ideal for reading aloud, includ...

tessie tames her tongue

Tessie Tames Her Tongue


Tessie talks too loud & too much, making her unpopular with classmates & her brother.

that behaviour book

That Behaviour Book


An essential guide for all teachers: an indispensable companion which examines how to l...

therapeutic storytelling

Therapeutic Storytelling


from unruly behaviour to grieving, anxiety, lack of confidence, bullying, teasing, nigh...

there's a gorilla in my classroom

There's A Gorilla in My Classroom


This resource for responding to classroom resistance includes a set of 60 cards illustr...

they don't behave for me

They Don't Behave for Me


This book will guide you from some of the key challenges regularly faced by teachers to...

token towers

Token Towers


An interactive, reinforcement tool for helping students meet behavioural or academic go...

the tough kid book

The Tough Kid Book


Proactive, positive techniques to manage and motivate Tough Kids for any educator who w...

tough kid electronic home notes

Tough Kid Electronic Home Notes


Uses the Google platform to help teachers and behavioral interventionists design custom...

the tough kid principal's briefcase

The Tough Kid Principal's Briefcase


Invaluable for administrators who want to decrease inappropriate student behaviour and ...

the tough kid series

The Tough Kid Series

Practical, evidence-based strategies for dealing effectively with problems like aggress...

the tough kid teachers & parents as partners

The Tough Kid Teachers & Parents as Partners


Outlines a collaborative approach to problem solving in which the teacher works with th...

the tough kid tool box

The Tough Kid Tool Box


Companion to The Tough Kid Book - ready-to-use, classroom-tested tools to help motivat...

tricky behaviours

Tricky Behaviours


Revised & updated edition of the bestseller, Tricky Kids, delves into tricky behaviour ...

Behaviour Management

Behaviour management is a less intensive version of behaviour therapy. In behaviour management the focus is on maintaining order. Behaviour management skills are of particular importance to teachers in the educational system. Behaviour management includes all of the actions and conscious inactions to enhance the probability people, individually and in groups, choose behaviours which are personally fulfilling, productive, and socially acceptable.

We have carefully collated the best behaviour management resources available from Australia, the UK and the USA. The focus is on practical tools and strategies which can be applied in classrooms and other educational settings to help manage disruptive and off-task behaviour.

Use the category menu to explore resources specifically on related topics like Positive Behaviour Support, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Functional Behaviour Assessment (under Behaviour Assessment), etc.