Spot What's Different Language Cards, 2ed

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Sue Duggleby, Ross Duggleby

  • Spot What

48 pages
Age Range: 4+
ISBN: 9781138347021

Spot What’s Different Language Cards are designed to promote language skills through understanding the concept of ‘different’. Comprising of 48 large flashcards, each pair of scenes includes one card showing the original scene and another with either one, two, three or four things changed. The differences between each pair of cards have to be both identified and explained and the different levels of difficulty encourage a child's progress in simple stages. The cards are brightly coloured with appealing illustrations for young children, showing scenes such as the seaside, jungle, snow, farm, house and countryside. The second edition includes updated illustrations and additional guidance for non-specialists on how to use the cards in different ways to encourage a child’s observation, attention and expressive language development in response to ‘wh’ questions. These fun and easy to use cards are ideal for anyone working with young children to develop their vocabulary, verbal understanding and listening skills.

Table of Contents

  • 48 colour flashcards, A5 size
  • instruction booklet
  • boxed