Teaching Reading


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phonemic awareness
Phonemic Awareness

Experts are raving about this resource for primary teachers that includes dozens of fun activities to help children listen to language and play with sounds. Activity cards can be cut out and laminated to create a handy reference file of fun ideas.

phonological awareness
Phonological Awareness

Evidence-based strategies described for enhancing all learners' phonological awareness & effectively supporting those who are struggling. (ages 3–17)

the power of rti and reading profiles
The Power of RTI and Reading Profiles

Provides a complete, evidence-based blueprint for using RTI and reading profiles to plan effective core literacy instruction and help struggling readers in Grades K-6

proust and the squid
Proust and the Squid

A remarkable tour de force by a world-renowned expert on reading and neuroscience, explains that human beings were never born to read.