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Multisyllabic Words Photo Cards

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Rachele Ellsworth

  • Multisyllabic Words Photo Cards

50 pages
Interest Age: 4+
ISBN: 9781946261670

Speech Corner Photo Cards for Multisyllabic Words provides students with focused practice to enhance their knowledge of syllables in words. Speech-language pathologists use these cards to teach students to count syllables in words (pre-reading skill), to target the phonological process of syllable deletion (phonology goal), or to help students enunciate more clearly by controlling their rate of speech (a speech intelligibility and articulation skill).

This set presents a collection of 50 double-sided cards (100 total practice words) with a target word, corresponding photograph, and images of fingerprints representing the number of syllables in each word. As the student says the word, he/she uses their finger to press on the fingerprint image as they say each syllable. The instructor can cover the bottom portion, hiding the fingerprints, to ensure mastery.

Skills targeted:

  • Decrease the phonological process of syllable deletion
  • Improve rate of speech
  • Enhance speech clarity for articulation
  • Expand phonological awareness skills
  • Direct instruction of 100 multisyllabic words

There are 30 two-syllable words, 30 three-syllable words, 30 four-syllable words, and 10 five-syllable words.

This is an invaluable resource for students working on increasing their phonological awareness, phonology, or articulation skills.