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What the Science of Reading Says 3-Book Bundle

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Jennifer Jump, Kathleen Kopp, Robin D Johnson, Hilary Wolfe

  • What the Science of Reading Says 3-Book Bundle

176 pages
ISBN: 9798765922460

Gain a deeper understanding of how students learn to read! This professional development resource collection explores current research on the science of reading and discusses what it means for classrooms today.

From detailed background information to helpful classroom tips, these resources bridge the gap between what the research says about effective literacy instruction and classroom practice. Each chapter examines the research, identifies the implications for classrooms today, highlights keywords for teaching understanding, and provides research-based instructional strategies for grade-level bands: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and Secondary.

This series focused on the three essential aspects of literacy development:

Word Recognition

For students to understand what they read, they must be able to access the words on the page. The key components of word recognition include phonological awareness, phonics (decoding), sight word recognition, and fluency.

Reading Comprehension and Content Knowledge

A range of skills and strategies are essential for developing skilled readers. The components that support reading comprehension include building content knowledge, vocabulary development, familiarity with print concepts and genres, knowledge of language structures, and the ability to apply comprehension strategies.


The writing process is one of the most powerful ways students can showcase their understanding, communicate their learning, persuade others, and discover their voices. Research-based practices for teaching the writing process, exploring the characteristics of different genres, and providing explicit instruction in syntax and grammar are included in this resource.

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