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making sense of your senses

Making Sense of Your Senses


An easy-to-use neurodiversity friendly workbook for children ages 7-12 who have sensory...

managing stress and distress

Managing Stress and Distress


Straightforward guide to how in built stress responses lead to distress & problematic b...

marcos, did you hear me?

Marcos, Did You Hear Me?


An engaging story with a valuable message about paying attention and listening with you...

the mindful cbt workbook for kids

The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids


When kids understand how their thoughts, feelings, and actions work together, they’re...

molly and the runaway trolley

Molly and the Runaway Trolley


Molly’s mind is filled with dread and worry, leaving her shaky, sweaty, dizzy, and qu...

moon dogs split vowel spellings

Moon Dogs Split Vowel Spellings


Set of six books, focused on silent or 'magic' e spellings, designed for older children...

moon dogs split vowel spellings combo

Moon Dogs Split Vowel Spellings Combo


Set of six books, focused on silent or 'magic' e spellings plus accompanying activity book

more it's all animals! level 1

More It's All Animals! Level 1


Five more Level 1 books in the It’s All Animals! series that make life science come a...

motivational interviewing

Motivational Interviewing


This is the authoritative, bestselling guide that professionals turn to for a complete ...

my body safety rules

My Body Safety Rules


Helps children with disability to understand their rights in regard to their body and p...

my life off-key

My Life Off-Key


In this hi-lo novel for teen readers, 17-year-old Jen is shocked to discover that the d...

my unique adhd world

My Unique ADHD World


Quirky, eye-catching and interactive - the perfect illustrated book to help your 5-9-ye...

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