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Marcos, Did You Hear Me?: A story about active listening

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Bryan Smith, Lisa Griffin

  • Marcos, Did You Hear Me?
  • Marcos, Did You Hear Me?
    An engaging story with a valuable message about paying attention and listening with your whole body

31 pages
Interest Age: 5 to 11
ISBN: 9798889070030

Marcos has lots of ideas about what it means to be an active listener. Unfortunately, they all involve gyrating his body while someone is speaking.

If he doesn’t figure out what active listening really means – and fast – he could end up in big trouble. Or worse.

His lack of listening skills is causing all sorts of stress. He nearly missed his pal’s epic birthday party, then he lost 50 points on what should have been a simple class assignment. And if his teacher hadn’t stepped in with a last-second reminder, Marcos would have broken the heart of a young friend who was depending on him.

When Mom and a caring teacher explain how he can improve his listening skills, Marcos has to make a choice. Will he choose to be an active listener, or will he continue to hear only what he wants to hear?

Marcos, Did You Hear Me? is an engaging story with a valuable message about paying attention and listening with your whole body. This is the second title in author Bryan Smith’s new Social Strategies series for K-5 students and includes a special page for parents and teachers on how to help children maintain their focus and be more engaged listeners.

"Thank you for sharing the book. I read it to a group of students for a social skills class today. The students are a part of a private school for special education (Chapel Hill Academy--Lincoln Park, NJ) ranging in age from 7-9. They all were quite captivated while I was reading the book. I thought it was truly a fantastic book as it gave so many examples and short stories within one larger story of how Marcos was or wasn't an active listener, and how that impacted future events. I also like that it wasn't an extremely short book as it really allowed for much repetition and discussion which, in turn, was a good review of the concept "active listening.""
- Jacqueline H.

"Great story for that second - fifth grader that needs to actively listen and focus on what is being said. I have read many of Bryan Smith's books to my students. They remember each of his stories and the important messages just from seeing the cover of the book. The stories are simple and easy for the students to follow along and relatable to their age groups. His books are always a first grab to begin a lesson and discussion with students."
- Nancy A.