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The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids: Life Skills to Tame Anxiety, Handle Big Feelings, Get Things Done, and Have More Fun

$54.5  Softcover
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Seth J Gillihan

  • The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids
  • The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids
    When kids understand how their thoughts, feelings, and actions work together, they’re better prepared to deal with life’s many challenges!

184 pages
ISBN: 9781683737346

Written by one of the most trusted voices in the field – psychologist, CBT expert, and anxiety specialist Dr. Seth Gillihan - in collaboration with his daughters, Ada and Faye, The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids is a child-friendly, colourful resource that teaches kids cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness skills they can use to handle the not-so-great things that come up in their lives.

Whether they’re struggling with worry, self-criticism, perfectionism, anxiety, taking responsibility, friendships, homework, or more, each lesson in this book includes simple skills to help kids train their minds to think differently, choose the best actions, and decide where to put their attention - and even have some fun doing it!

With over 100 engaging, fun activities and fill-in worksheets, they’ll learn how to:

  • Set right-sized goals (not too big, not too small)
  • Get quiet inside so they can pay attention to their thoughts and feelings
  • Overcome fears of all kinds, like getting sick, going to school, and meeting new people
  • Work through disagreements with friends and family
  • Bounce back from mistakes and be nicer to themselves
  • Feel calm in tough times
  • Have fun on purpose (yes, really!)
  • And more!

Great for parents, therapists, and educators too!