2nd Edition

The Anger Alphabet: Understanding Anger - An Emotional Development Programme for Young Children aged 5 to 12

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Tina Rae

  • The Anger Alphabet
  • The Anger Alphabet
    This practical book helps children understand anger & identify links with other emotions with an interactive programme using 26 elements

192 pages
Age Range: 6 to 11
ISBN: 9781446249130

The 26 elements of this programme help children understand anger and to see that it is linked with other feelings such as fear, loss and jealousy etc. They will begin to realise that anger is not always harmful and negative but should be managed effectively.

At the end of the programme pupils will:

  • distinguish between behaviours
  • develop anger management strategies
  • express strong feelings in an assertive way
  • learn to recognise anger in its early stages
  • develop an understanding of others perspectives.

New to this edition is:

  • information on recent initiatives on anger management in schools
  • models and top tips for coping with anger
  • new activities and ideas
  • further information for young children aged 5-9

This instructional guide for teachers comes with photocopiable worksheets, charts, checklists and activities suitable for both group and individual work for the whole-class which are available to download online.

"The Anger Alphabet is invaluable for those who work with young people as professionals in either education or social care. Like the previous edition, this book gives sound advice, practical activities, and a clearly structured programme of experiences and opportunities to help young people develop an internal locus of control over their emotions. This edition has new illustrations, activities for outdoors and new practical tools such as charts, checklists and lists of strategies for young people, their parents and their teachers. Coping with stress, anxiety and self doubt is a challenge for many, but for those who struggle with attachment difficulties or are on the autistic spectrum, these challenges can be overwhelming. The Anger Alphabet is a highly effective programme providing fun and stimulating sessions that help young people manage, not repress, their emotions. Helping young people to develop these skills can be important for the day to day management of a classroom or group. More importantly however, this programme provides lifelong strategies that can support mental and emotional health and wellbeing, the forming and maintaining of relationships, motivation and success in learning, the development of positive values and attitudes, and the building of self-confidence. Tina Rae has once again given professionals working with children and young people a highly effective tool for their toolkit."
- Terri Harrison, Nature Nurture Project, Camphill School, Aberdeen