Quick Take Along Speech Pack

Quick Take Along Speech Pack: 6 Mini Books

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A must-have pack of resources for the busy speech-language pathologist. Move quickly from setting to setting with these small speech resource books that fit easily in your pocket. Sturdy, laminated, spiral bound pages are long-lasting & lie flat for easy viewing. The 6 titles are:

  • Articulation and Phonology Screener Quick Take Along

Initial screening tool to identify areas of concern, or monitor progress. Non-standardised, comprehensive screener helps you assess the following areas of articulation & phonology before administering a formal assessment: Articulation in Words and Connected Speech, Initial, Medial, and Final Sounds, Vocalic R, R,L, and S Blends, Complex Clusters, Phonological Processes.

  • Auditory Processing Quick Take Along Book

Lists for introducing or practising listening and comprehension skills. 28 different activities that target: Discrimination of Sounds, Following Directions, Memory for Words/Sentences, Rhyming, Syllable Awareness, Sound Blending, Sound Deletion/Addition, Sound Manipulation, “Wh” Questions.

  • Articulation Phrases & Sentences Quick Take Along Book

Sound-loaded phrases and sentences are great for practising sounds in connected speech. Includes: 680 Phrases and 340 Sentences, 2–3 Sounds Per Phrase, 3–9 Sounds Per Sentence, 24 Sounds: B, CH, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, L Blends, M, N, P, R (Vocalic), R Blends, S, S Blends, SH, T, V, W, Y, and Z.

  • Articulation Sound-Loaded Stories Quick Take Along

Includes: 36 Sound-loaded stories, 7 – 10 sentences per story with target sounds highlighted in red, 18 or more words per sound position (Initial, Medial, and Final). Sounds include: B, CH, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, L Blends, M, N, P, R (prevocalic and vocalic), R Blends, S, S Blends, SH, SL, T, TH (voiced and voiceless), V, W, Y, and Z. 216 wh- comprehension questions.

  • Phonology Quick Take Along Book

1,100 minimal pairs that target 10 phonological processes. Lists for informal phonology screening or stimuli for therapy. Final Consonant Deletion, Fronting, Stopping, Cluster Reduction, Stridency Deletion, Gliding, Prevocalic Voicing, Postvocalic Devoicing, Initial Consonant Deletion, Nasalisation.

  • Speech and Language Screener Quick Take Along

Use as an initial screening tool to gather baseline data, identify areas of concern, or monitor student progress. This non-standardised screener assesses many areas of speech and language including: Articulation, Connected Speech, Following Directions, Grammar, Inferencing, Listening Comprehension, Phonological Awareness, Questions, Social Skills, Vocabulary.



quick take along speech pack
6 Mini Books
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articulation and phonology screener quick take along
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auditory processing quick take along book
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articulation phrases & sentences quick take along book
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articulation sound-loaded stories quick take along
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phonology quick take along book
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speech and language screener quick take along
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