Teaching Reading

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main idea photo cards
Main Idea Photo Cards
$42.50 Our Price - $39.95

These convenient photo cards provide therapy for individuals needing extra practice with finding the main idea in reading passages.

making sense of phonics, 2ed
Making Sense of Phonics, 2ed

This bestselling book provides indispensable tools and strategies for explicit, systematic phonics instruction in K-3.

milo's birthday surprise
Milo's Birthday Surprise

takes children on a journey through the letters of the alphabet, highlighting the sound of each letter

milo's read and match word game
Milo's Read and Match Word Game

8 boards with four pictures of consonant, vowel, consonant words. There are 32 word cards to play a Bingo style game

milo's teacher resource book (stages 1-4)
Milo's Teacher Resource Book (Stages 1-4)

Provides simple lesson plans and ideas to ensure your teaching is effective and targeted.

milos birthday surprise activity book
Milos Birthday Surprise Activity Book

Provides activities for handwriting, phonemic awareness, reading and spelling. There is one page for Milo and each one of his friends.

more tools for teaching content literacy
More Tools for Teaching Content Literacy

This handy flip book provides ready reference to strategies for reading and writing across content areas, along with the research basis, vignettes and organisers.

multisyllabic words photo cards
Multisyllabic Words Photo Cards
$42.50 Our Price - $39.95

50 colourful photo cards which focus on structured conversation, reading, and fill-in-the blank activities.