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Positive Behaviour Management in Primary Schools: An Essential Guide

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Liz Williams

  • Positive Behaviour Management in Primary Schools

88 pages
ISBN: 9781785923616

"A thoroughly worthwhile read that should be on all initial teacher training (ITT) essential book lists. It provides no-nonsense, to-the-point advice for all teachers but especially for those who are new to teaching. The advice in this book could take a career to learn and master, yet is here for the taking. It's excellent value for money and time - far cheaper than a course! A positive and practical approach to behaviour management based on tried-and-tested experience and wisdom which has excellent advice for setting up a classroom and managing behaviour within it on a daily basis. Even after 30 years of teaching, I still learned some new strategies by reading this book."
- Alison Albion, Headteacher at WLSJ CE Primary School, Lancashire

"As a Special Educational Needs Coordinator I find this book invaluable. The book is short enough for professionals to read quickly in its entirety. It is full of good suggestions which in my experience will actually make a difference. I can't recommend it enough."
- Be Rimmer, Primary Special Educational Needs Coordinator

"At a time when we are being told that there is a worrying increase in the number of young people and children reporting and being identified as having mental health problems, Liz William's book comes as a highly accessible and practical guide designed to help staff in Primary schools to understand the importance of and learn how to promote resilience and social and emotional wellbeing in young children. Without making explicit or becoming over technical, the book draws on a range of underlying theories and approaches, taking a practical 'what works' approach that is likely to be welcomed in schools as the introduction says by 'beginners' and those 'with less experience' and those in search of a quick prompt or reminder."
- Chris Watkinson, Educational Psychologist