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Mindfulness in the Classroom: An Evidence-Based Program to Reduce Disruptive Behavior and Increase Academic Engagement

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Joshua C Felver, Nirbhay N Singh, Robert Horner

  • Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • Mindfulness in the Classroom
    A proven-effective, mindfulness-based intervention to reduce disruptive behaviour based on the popular Soles of the Feet program

224 pages
Interest Age: 13 to 19
ISBN: 9781684034741

Based on the popular Soles of the Feet program, this groundbreaking resource for teachers offers a proven-effective, mindfulness-based intervention to reduce disruptive behaviour in the classroom—so everyone can get back to learning.

As a teacher, you know that some kids need extra help staying focused in the classroom. You’ve probably also lost countless hours of precious learning time in class due to student disruption. Whether kids are suffering from stress, a behaviour disorder, or emotional issues—the good news is that there are real tools you can use to help children manage their feelings, stay on task, and reach their full potential. This book will show you how.

In Mindfulness in the Classroom, two experts in the field of mindfulness research, child psychology, and school psychology offer a mindfulness-based intervention to help support a healthy learning environment. Based on the authors’ Soles of the Feet program, this book provides an evidence-based strategy to help you put a stop to disruptive behaviour in the classroom, and help kids be their very best.

Without early intervention for disruptive behaviours, many students will maintain these behaviours as adults. The Soles of the Feet program not only decreases disruptive behaviour and increases teaching time, it also improves the long-term outcome for children experiencing behaviour challenges—so they can thrive well into adulthood.

Table of Contents




  1. Preparation for Using Soles of the Feet 13

Part 1: Soles of the Feet for Students: Classroom Curriculum

  1. Class 1: Introducing Soles of the Feet 27
  2. Class 2: Practicing with a Pleasant Feeling 37
  3. Class 3: Practicing with an Unpleasant Feeling 47
  4. Class 4: Practicing with the Triggers to an Unpleasant Feeling 57
  5. Class 5: Planning to Use Soles of the Feet in Daily Life 67
  6. Follow-up Booster Session 75

Part II: Soles of the Feet for Students: Individual Program

  1. Session 1: Introducing Soles of the Feet 87
  2. Session 2: Practicing with a Pleasant Feeling 97
  3. Session 3: Practicing with an Unpleasant Feeling 107
  4. Session 4: Practicing with the Triggers to an Unpleasant Feeling 117
  5. Session 5: Planning to Use Soles of the Feet in Daily Life 127
  6. Follow-up Booster Session 135

Part III: Supplementary Materials

  1. Instructional Tips and Strategies 147


  • Appendix 1 Worksheets and Handouts 171
  • Appendix 1A Handout-Knowing Your Feet 172
  • Appendix 1B Worksheet-Knowing Your Feet 173
  • Appendix 1C Belly Breathing Handout 174
  • Appendix 1D My Soles of the Feet Routine 175
  • Appendix 1E Eliciting Emotions Support Sheet 176
  • Appendix 1F Identifying Triggers Worksheet 177
  • Appendix 1G Using Soles of the Feet in Daily Life 178
  • Appendix 2 Soles of the Feet-Fidelity Monitoring Forms 179
  • Appendix 3 Soles of the Feet Research 183
  • Appendix 4 Supplementary Resources 189

References 193

Index 199

"This book has a hugely important message for all who wish to understand and help children and young people, particularly those whose feelings easily spiral out of control. The simple but powerful set of proven strategies, laid out in a clear syllabus for class or individual teaching, promises to be a game changer."
- Mark Williams, DPhil, emeritus professor of clinical psychology at the University of Oxford, and coauthor of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression

"Soles of the Feet is a portable, easy-to-use mindfulness practice for students of all ages, with and without disabilities, to self-manage disruptive behavior. The program, firmly grounded in theory and research, is easy to deliver by teachers after limited training. The book is as simple and clear as the program, containing all you need to try it out: first for yourself, and only if it works for you, with your students!"
- Susan Bögels, PhD, professor of family mental health and mindfulness at the University of Amsterdam, and author of Mindful Parenting

"There is so much I appreciate about this user-friendly book. Felver and Singh cover all the important details practitioners need to consider in implementing the Soles of the Feet intervention in their schools. The directions for each lesson are explicit and clear; the appendices include ready-to-use handouts. Assisting students in developing self-regulation is an important educational goal—in this book, readers will find a toolbox for achieving this objective."
- Andrew Roach, PhD, associate professor of school psychology, and doctoral program coordinator in the department of counseling and psychological services at Georgia State University

"Beautifully written and full of practical wisdom, Mindfulness in the Classroom offers a well-researched way to help students cultivate self-regulation skills. It provides a strong theoretical explanation for why this simple and usable mindfulness practice works, and includes clear class outlines and teacher-friendly supplementals. Highlighting the pitfalls of using mindfulness as a classroom management technique, the authors offer a powerful way for students (and teachers) to break free of coercive discipline, manage strong emotions, and practice self-management routines that will help them in every aspect of their lives."
- Patricia C. Broderick, PhD, research associate at Penn State University; and author of Learning to Breathe, Mindfulness in the Secondary Classroom, and The Life Span

"Felver and Singh have produced a practical book that ensures teachers can teach children in schools an evidence-based mindfulness strategy: Soles of the Feet. The resource is well thought through, offering advice from school experience and expertise in teaching mindfulness. Everything you need to help students to manage their strong emotions in school, and to reduce disruptive behavior as a result, is included in this fully complete manual."
- Richard Hastings, PhD, CPsychol, FBPS, FIASSIDD, FAcSS, professor of education and psychology at the University of Warwick, England

"Teachers will find this book remarkably lucid and practical in its aim to empower students to self-regulate their behavior using the mindfulness practice of Soles of the Feet. The authors have uniquely integrated the teaching of Soles of the Feet with evidence-based practices in behavioral and instructional support, and have embodied the qualities of mindfulness throughout the book, including nonjudgmental awareness, acceptance, and the patience and repetition necessary for mastery by students."
- Joseph Lucyshyn, PhD, BCBA-D, associate professor of special education at The University of British Columbia, and coeditor of Families and Positive Behavior Support

"Based on a solid foundation of theory and research, Mindfulness in the Classroom illustrates how a simple yet powerful practice can help children and youth develop psychological skills for meaningful and long-lasting positive change. There is no need for readers to fill any gaps with additional reading as it is all contained here—necessary background, clear and detailed outline of different practices, and easy-to-use supplementary material."
- Chris Krägeloh, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, and coauthor of Mindfulness-Based Intervention Research

"Never have children needed to be resourced more than now with skills to navigate the myriad challenges in their lives. Mindfulness in the Classroom is not only timely, but it stands out from the field of other such programs because it is steeped in solid psychological theory, has been extensively researched, and was developed by two of the leading figures in this field."
- Willem Kuyken, PhD, Ritblat Professor of Mindfulness and Psychological Science at the University of Oxford, and coauthor (with Christina Feldman) of Mindfulness