Listening Lessons for the Classroom Curriculum

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Amy Strommer

Listening Lessons for the Classroom Curriculum

Age Range: 9 to 16
ISBN: 9780930951658

Listening Lessons for the Classroom Curriculum is designed to help students develop listening skills that will facilitate learning in the classroom. High-interest listening experiences relevant to the content of the curriculum are included.

The activities in this book are designed for students between 9 and 16 years of age. They are especially suitable for students who experience difficulty comprehending auditory information in the classroom. Classroom teachers, speech-language pathologists, special education specialists, and other educational professionals will find the activities to be helpful in teaching their students.

This book includes 40 interesting and fact-filled listening passages. The passages are grouped into eight content areas. Each passage is followed by 12 comprehension questions. The questions range in complexity from those that require factual information to those that require critical thinking. The questions can be used to stimulate the development of thinking skills as students identify cause-effect relationships, make references, give explanations, and state their personal reactions to the information presented in the listening passages. Six types of comprehension questions are included:

  • Factual Information
  • Identifying Causes
  • Identifying Outcomes
  • Giving Explanations
  • Using Information
  • Personal Expression

Listening passages are included related to the following topics:

  • Sea Animals
  • Amazing Reptiles
  • Save Our Earth
  • The Universe
  • People Who Changed the World
  • Athletes of Today and Yesterday
  • Wonders of the World
  • What Should I Be